Cold Call | Getting Over Fear

In today’s video blog I talk about how I got over my fear of the……..COLD CALL!!!

I’m not going to lie. Until today I honestly thought that some way I was going to sliiiiide through to becoming a top earner without ever having to pick up that phone. Today I realized WHY becoming a Top Earner has everything to do with PICKING UP THAT PHONE!

Cold Market prospecting sounds so easy when you hear the pros teach you what to do. You sit there like “YEAH! I’M TOTALLY GETTING UP TOMORROW AND CALLING 100 PEOPLE! WOOT!“. Then tomorrow comes, and it’s like that phone has turned into hot lava… could you POSSIBLY pick it up? Don’t your windows need cleaning? There’s weeds in the yard to pick. Or….I’m pretty sure it’s time to refinish that old armoire in the basement. It’s not refinishing itself. THEN I’ll cold call.

Can you relate? If you want to learn how to prospect, a cold call is one of the best ways to practice! I was astonished at how easy it became. I had forgotten that when I had a full-time JOB, I was actually really good on the phone. I actually know how to talk to people. They really like me and I don’t come across as a sales person.Oh riiiiight! The same will happen for you!! One person told me that I had the best opening line he’s ever heard…..ahem….*Thanks Ray Higdon and Cesar Rodriguez* 😉

SO, in this video I talk about my results, and how changing companies – and my belief in the duplication and value of the product allowed ME somehow….to become a cold calling machine. I honestly think it’s going to become my favourite pass time in my business….but that’s good right? That’s how businesses get built!

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