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It’s so awesome that you’ve come to this page and you’re looking to work more closely with me. If you’re here looking to partner with me in my Network Marketing Company and you want to become an Independent Entrepreneur, and change your life, and your family’s life, then this is the right spot for you.  🙂

Just a little background on me…. I started my career out as a Financial Planner and Mutual Funds Salesperson….and got sick of it.  Too much pressure for sales, too many “quotas” to meet….I couldn’t stand it.  I had reached my “dreams” of being “successful”….but I hated my life!! So I made a change, and my career took me to being a Paralegal at a BUSY Real Estate Law Firm.  I made some fantastic friendships there and had amazing Bosses….but I was putting in 10-14 hour days, working weekends, losing my summers….I was MISERABLE!

Every Tuesday Night!
Every Tuesday Night!

Fast forward to 2007 and having my first child…..I wanted to stay home, and I tried a BUNCH of ways.  I was involved in a few different companies that I spent A LOT of money on… “buying” into the dream….but never seeing it happen.  Can you relate?Or…. do you dream of the same  things….. Being Home With Your Kids….Freedom….Wealth….Security….a BIGGER Life???

Over the years I came to realize that timing and positioning were CRUCIAL when you’re looking for a company.  I am blessed to have found a company that had just that, and a team of leaders that I love.  Currently I’m looking for leaders who understand the huge opportunity that comes with positioning yourself inside a company that is in pre-momentum stage, and who are willing to work with us over the next two years to build a team of 10,000+.  Our team has our own private training system that works for ANYONE.  

Plus we Have a Private Blueprint That Will Show You How to Fail Your Way to Six Figures in Just 12 MONTHS.


Another thing that was important in my search was finding a company with products I LOVE and  a business that EASILY duplicates. Luckily, along my way of trial and error, I found a mentor that believed in me.  Someone who saw what I knew was inside me and wanted to help me create a life of Greatness for me AND my family. Someone who has already built a life of massive success and is now dedicated to pouring that out on others.  I was shown a way to create success through nurturing my family.  I learned how to build a team of thousands just by using products I love that are SAFE for my family.  The best part is I get to help moms and dads earn a REAL income from home that allows them to be with their kids and live a life of FREEDOM.

Position Yourself Ahead of the Explosion

Our team is different than most.  We are a family first and a business second. We belive your change comes from the inside out, and you are shown not only how to grow a business and a massive income, but how to grow YOURSELF.

Come run with us.  We are looking for the “Leaders”, the “Doers” the “Dreamers” and the “Visionaries” to lock arms with and run passionately towards a life you’ve only dreamed of.

I am looking for LEADERS.  People who want to take ACTION.  People who are passionate about life, and their future, but most of all, their DREAMS.
Our team has the industry edge….we have products that are in high demand and right in front of a Global Paradigm Shift….so if you want to position yourself to work with us to exclusively build YOUR success, I’d invite you to apply.
If you fit the above description, and are an absolute NO EXCUSES type of person, fill out the information below, and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Apply-to-learn-more PS If you’re already in a business you love, and not looking for something to compliment that, keep scrolling, we can still work together to make you some awesome moonthly residuals! 

If you’re already in something, this would likely compliment it nicely.  It doesn’t hurt to chat.  And pllleeeeaaasssseee don’t have any pride…if what you’re in SUCKS….I’ve been there!!!   I know how hard it is to admit that.

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But now is the right time to start new and show everyone that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve NO MATTER WHAT! We all deserve to live the life of abundance!

I ONLY work with about 5 people a month on my Team, so that they get my undivided attention.  Plus, not everyone is a fit for our team.  Filling out the form below does not necessarily confirm an Elite Leadership position on our team.  Those are reserved for the people we know are committed, passionate and EXCITED!

Fill out the form below, and let’s see where You’re at! Imagine where YOU can be a Year from NOW!

I imagine you’ll be with us….NEVER looking back!!!  😉




I’ll talk to you soon! We’re going to have a BLAST! 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Work With Angel!”

  1. Angel, Hi !

    Am the Mike from Baltimore who asked the question this evening…. Weight Loss and Real Estate — then sent the second copy of the question after your erased me ! LOL
    ( And no, am NOT going to do them in the same setting … will, hopefully, be two different profit centers ).

    With 30 years in nursing, twenty plus with my Master’s Degree / Clinical specialist in Psych / Mental Health Nursing….
    a good bit of what I have done in nursing has also been in the teaching realm. Shared that, to tell you this — Have to tell ya — LOVED how concise and content rich your program was this evening. Going to cut and past this, and send it off to Tanya also…. to let her know she hit a home run in selecting your to fill in this evening for her !

    Just signed up with Tanya a week or so ago…. and am somewhat of a luddite when it comes to social media. However, have over a couple of thousand followers on LinkedIn…. re: the real estate…. so…. need to get up and running with my expansion of my social network knowledge !
    Plus, added two weeks ago, our weight loss MLM, so…….
    DOUBLE THE NEED for increasing the knowledge base !

    Anyway…. just wanted to make the connection, say ” hi ” and also ” THANKS ” for tonight. Am jazzed, since I signed on with Tanya, to hear that you are working closely with her !

    Be well !


    ” We make a living by what we get, a life, by what we give.”
    Winston Churchill

    1. Mike! Thank you so much! Your question was awesome, sounds like you have some fantastic ideas going on, I can’t wait to see how this grows for you and how far you will take it!

      I appreciate you saying that SO much. It’s always awesome to teach something, but even more awesome to hear that people got value from it 🙂 Tanya is absolutely amazing at what she does. I just love to absorb the genius that comes out of her 🙂 You’ve made the best decision in signing up with her.

      We should mastermind on the LinkedIn marketing! I have a couple of resources I can share with you, two guys I follow for their LinkedIn knowledge, but I have yet to implement a lot of it. It’s a playground I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with.

      I wish you ALL the best with your weight loss MLM! So excited to get to know you and your energy is AMAZING! Energy like that will draw fantastic people to your team.

      Have a fabulous rest of your week, and I can’t wait to see your blogs!! 😀

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