Working From Home Isn’t as Easy as it Sounds!

In today’s video blog I talk about 10 ways to deal with the stresses of being a work-from-home entrepreneur.

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I know, who could complain about working from home right? The truth is, I DON’T. It’s amazing. I am so blessed and grateful to be at home with my kids, and not have to go to an office for a stressful meaningless 9-5 job. However, that doesn’t mean that working from home doesn’t bring with it the same stresses that any work brings. Especially when you have KIDS at home!

Any Entrepreneur/Mompreneur knows that in order to have a successful day and week, you need to stick to a schedule. Lists, lists and more lists. Ok that’s done, check the list, what’s next? Calls, notes, laptops, tablets, phones, all over the house. You need to be attentive to your business and your kids 24/7 and that can become overwhelming! AND if you add to that being a Blogger, you stick to a daily routine that is immaculate. You pride yourself in that routine, and if ONE little thing puts you off track…..WATCH OUT!! haha ๐Ÿ™‚

There are some women that have it so together I have NO idea how they do it. I’m pretty sure they don’t sleep. They blog, take care of kids, BAKE (what???) AND talk about cleaning their house. ย Total idols. That certainly isn’t me. I have a schedule I stick to which takes care of the most important things in life, and then if the rest of the stuff happens to fit into that day, success!! I try not to stress too much about things, but when you have clients to meet, prospects to call, team calls, webinars, courses, a blog to write and publish and SHARE, a sick baby, and kids to take to school…….Yeah. I’ll admit. I’ve been a little stressed lately!

But like I say, it’s a life I know I am so blessed to be living. In this video I share a quick ‘Top Ten’ list of ways to deal with work-at-home stress, to relax, and not take life too seriously!

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Love you all, thank you for joining me! ๐Ÿ™‚

~Be the best you in all that you do, life, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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9 thoughts on “Working From Home Isn’t as Easy as it Sounds!”

    1. Ouch Suzi. That really throws things off! Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ We are dealing with flu and sickness here….routines are definitely off!

  1. Working form home is hard! I’m not great about making lists though and really need to work on that more… it’d probably make me a lot more productive! LOL.

  2. Thank you honey for staying home and being a great mom to our two kids. Its what we always said we would do 20 yrs ago and now its reality and so glad we did.
    it wasn’t easy but all your work will pay off!!!

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