Why Network Marketing? ….TIME FREEDOM!

In today’s quick video blog I share the NUMBER ONE reason why I am so THANKFUL that I am in Netowrk Marketing….TIME FREEDOM!!

Being able to create memories like this is why I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING!
Being able to create memories like this is why I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING!

We just got back from a fantastic morning of dancing in the park with the kids! The sun was shining, music was playing and 500 kids were screaming and all I could keep thinking was “If it wasn’t for Network Marketing, I’d be missing all THIS!”. Days like today are the reasons I work so hard at my business. Work hard now to enjoy the finer things in life, and for me, that’s time with my kids!

If spending time with your kids and the ability to do what you want is important to you, Network Marketing is possibly something you should give another look. The stigma is slowly fading, but when it comes down to it, I figure….who cares if a few people don’t like what I do….I get to help people get healthy, work from home, and also DO WHAT I WANT!! 🙂

If you are a mom or dad and would like to be able to work from home, or would like information on the best work from home jobs out there, connect with me on FB above, or email me anytime at coffeewithangel@outlook.com! I’d love to connect with you and answer your questions, no obligation to join anything at all!

Here is a quick video at the end of our day 🙂

To get more information on how YOU CAN WORK FROM HOME or even just generate an additional income source for your family to be able to pay some bills, or get out more, email me at coffeewithangel@outlook.com or connect with me on FB!

Thank you for joining me today, now it’s time to go out and enjoy some of that beautiful weather again! Jace is up and the sun is shining 🙂

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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10 thoughts on “Why Network Marketing? ….TIME FREEDOM!”

  1. Having ‘free time’ is my biggest reason for being self employed too. Nothing compares to being able to spend most of your time doing as you wish.

  2. The work from home jobs you speak of above – do they require a start up fee? I love finding new jobs to do and am actually currently seeking to substitute my current part time position. I am a blogger, but I’m not making enough to quit my part time job (which is what I really want!)

    1. I’ll email you Leila 🙂 No you do not have to spend anything to start. This is definitely something that can replace your part time income.

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