Some people won't climb the mountain if they know how hard it is to get to the top.

Why Do People Quit???

In today’s video blog I share the top reasons why people quit.  Remember these reasons when you are prospecting, so that you can ensure team retention!

Some people won't climb the mountain if they know how hard it is to get to the top.
Some people won’t climb the mountain if they know how hard it is to get to the top.

If you’re like me…..there’s NO WAY you will ever quit building your business. Short of a natural disaster where I could not get out of my house to talk to anyone, there is NO WAY I would ever give up on my dreams.

When you’re that sort of person with that success mindset, it can be mind boggling to you when someone quits. Especially if it’s someone who was really fired up in the beginning. You can actually take it a bit personally, and wonder if there’s something you did wrong.

First of all, if someone is willing to quit easily, they most likely are NOT someone you want to focus your attention on. Like I’ve said previously, you want to focus your time and effort on those who are willing to do the work and see the vision. If someone is willing to work hard, I’m there with them the whole way.

But you will definitely want to understand why some people quit, and if it was something you did in the beginning that caused them to lose interest or the will to put in the hard work. One thing you really want to make sure of, is that you are not selling Network Marketing as a “Getting Rich Quick” business. It most certainly is not for about 99.1% of the Network Marketing community. Although there are great instant success stories out there, it is not the norm for most people.

This quick video will help you to ensure that you are not building false expectations, so that you can end up with awesome team retention!

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