Where did everybody go?

In today’s video blog I talk about how to prepare your new team members for the times when they are going to feel like giving up, so that you’re not left with a team of quitters.

The Qualities of A Good Leader
The Qualities of A Good Leader

What are the qualities of a good leader? First and foremost you need to care about your team as people. Not just as business builders. You need to prepare them for the road ahead, and if you are good at that, you will be able to retain your downline because they won’t crumble when the going gets tough.

Everybody has different leadership styles but should always make sure to keep in touch with their team. It doesn’t mean that you should hand-hold someone through their business, or that you should build their team for them, but that you need to be aware of changes in behavior. Watch for the clues that your team might be struggling and reach out.

This video shares a way to plan in advance for the struggles ahead, and how to build a relationship with your team that will last and stand the tests of time, and more importantly, the Network Marketing Industry.

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  1. This is awesome for people that have down lines. I ask every new consultant when I sign them up how they want me to communicate with them. This way if I’m not hearing from them I know what to call them and say. Perfect idea

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