Ways to be Happy – Start by Celebrating Others’ Success

In today’s video blog I talk about how edifying others can change the way you feel and bring abundance into your life.

Compliments are Free, hand them out like Crazy!
Compliments are Free, hand them out like Crazy!

It’s easy to say that we are happy for someone when something good happens to them. We smile, clap and celebrate with them, but it’s that initial thought you had, that very first thought you had when you heard the good news, that could be holding you back from success and happiness in your life.

In order to be truly happy and able to receive all of the good things out there for you, you need to TRULY feel happiness for others when good things come into their life. You need to acknowledge and address that small twinge of jealousy and train yourself to not feel that way. If you believe in abundance, why should you need to feel jealousy or hatred towards someone for their success? There’s enough goodness and happiness out there for EVERYONE, it’s not like anyone is stealing it away from you.

In order to move on to greatness, you need to let go of any material attachments you have. Your best friend is driving the new SUV you would like? Your sister just bought the outfit you wanted? Your friends’ kid just won the award for being the most awesomest, smartest, most helpful, act like an adult, never whine, clean their room, never talk back award? SO WHAT??? Did your kid put on their shoes today??? AWESOME!! 🙂

Try this next week to consciously address each negative thought you are having. Ask yourself why you are having it. What do you see in yourself that you are lacking that is causing you to feel this way? Is it something that actually exists, or are you making it up? If it exists, is it a material yearning that actually has no bearing in your life at all? Does it matter? Are you wasting thoughts and energy that could be used towards happiness? And then state that YOU ARE BLESSED.

In this quick video I share a quick trick I use to keep myself from feeling jealousy, and training myself to always be happy for someone. I also talk about how complimenting people can change your life and the person you are!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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5 thoughts on “Ways to be Happy – Start by Celebrating Others’ Success”

  1. Another good post. I’ve always enjoyed seeing people win in this industry even though I may not have had any success myself. People who have results simply persisted longer and deserve to be recognized and applauded. You would like that for yourself… wouldn’t you?

    1. Absolutely John! And I’ve always been one who has been ok with people bragging, as long as they can back it up! Good on them! 🙂

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