WAHM Feature – Jane Shears and her Javita Opportunity!

Today’s WAHM feature is on Jane Shears and her Javita Home Business! What is Javita? It’s healthy COFFEE! What’s obvious????…I LOVE coffee! Janes coffee is healthy AND can help you lose weight.  So it’s basically liquid gold in a cup 😉

WAHM Jane! Read all about her  Javita Opportunity!
WAHM Jane! Read all about her Javita Opportunity!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jane through Twitter! We noticed that we were both in Canada and in the Home Business Industry, and struck up a conversation, which has led to a Facebook friendship, and plenty of enjoyable conversations! Jane is a mom in BC Canada, enjoying the benefits and uniqueness that a Home Business can provide for her life.  She is an honest, caring, strong woman and an awesome leader for her team!

Here is some Q&A with Jane!

Q) What is the main reason that you started your own home business?

Javita - Good for you coffee!
Javita – Good for you coffee!

I first got involved with Network Marketing for the products. My son’s hockey coach, a number of years ago, introduced us to some products that we knew were probably better quality and better priced than anything we could get at a regular store. At that time, I didn’t understand the whole concept of what options a home business provided – I just saw it as a hobby-thing that people could get involved with and maybe get some free product.

Over time, and through a couple of different companies and products, I have been learning just how great the Network Marketing industry is as a home business. You can set your own hours, work as hard as you want, get paid and recognized for the effort you put in, get tax advantages, and be able to help others do the same thing. And as many of you know, you are able to get products for free!! It provides people with options that the normal “system” doesn’t. For me, I am working towards saving for our retirement and for being prepared for any unscheduled “life events” that may pop up!!

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Q) What has been your biggest struggle so far since you have started?

The biggest struggle for me, personally, is starting a conversation with people about my business. I know in my head how great it is and I feel it in my heart, but there is this thing called my mouth in between that does not want to work the way I want it to. J I have been doing a lot of personal development (which is another great bonus you get with Network Marketing) and learning how to approach people in a professional manner. There are so many amazing mentors inside and outside your company that want nothing more than to help you succeed in this industry so take advantage of that and learn from what they have done.

Q) What is your favourite part of being involved with Javita?

I have more than one favourite part of being involved with Javita. The first is the products. They appear to be so simple but they are providing such a positive impact on so many people physically and financially. And with them being coffee and tea (and soon hot chocolate), they are so easy to fit into someone’s already established habit of consuming them on a daily basis. “Change your coffee/tea … change your life”.

The second favourite part is the people I have met and the friends I am making. They are so supportive and friendly. I have just come back from the company’s inaugural national convention with over 1200 people and the feeling I got from it was that everyone was one big global family and we are all working towards helping people see that they can dream again and actually reach those dreams and doing it with integrity and professionalism. When you can see the changes that people have helped other people achieve, either as a distributor or a customer, it is really heartwarming.

Q) As a mom, has your family always been super supportive of your home business efforts, or has it been a transition for them?

I think it is still a transition for them. Because I am still learning and haven’t yet built up a large organization, they are still waiting to see how things work out. They don’t quite see my vision yet … but they will soon! J

Q) What is your favourite marketing strategy?

I haven’t established a favourite yet. So far I am doing person to person and some facebook.

Q) If you had to choose between investing in yourself, doing paid advertising, or getting to events, which do you think is the most important?

For me, I think it’s investing in myself to give me the confidence I need to approach people in a professional manner. I want to do this right and show people how great an industry this is and that it is duplicatable and anyone can do it. A close runner up is getting to events as that is what gets you motivated to hear everyone’s journey and that they did not all start off running quickly – it can be a lot of work, and the money won’t come overnight, but if you have the vision and believe in yourself, you will make it and it will be totally worth it. And there really isn’t any other profession that can offer you what the network marketing industry offers to those that work hard. I like to say that it’s a team sport with individual results.

Q) As moms we all struggle sometimes to make everything work, what is one tip that you have that you would offer moms just starting out?

I think the advice that I would give to new moms that are just starting out is first, find a product that you can truly feel passionate about as that will resonate through you when talking with people and make sure the company behind it has integrity and a good reputation. Then work with your upline, be coachable and don’t fight the system they are teaching you, don’t stress about it and simply let it weave into your daily routine. Connect with other moms that are making their business work and watch what they are doing. Keep the vision in your mind of what this industry can offer you and your family.

Q) We all want to know….which is the most popular coffee you sell? (I am a coffee addict)

Coffee Lover? Why not try Javita! Amazing benefits!
Coffee Lover? Why not try Javita! Amazing benefits!

That’s hard to say as both blends are fabulous. I think people gravitate first to the Burn&Control as it’s known as our “weightloss coffee” and losing a few pounds seems to be on the mind of most people these days! Then the Energy&Mind is wonderful for brain support and keeping your thoughts focused and providing added energy. People are loving both of them as a new, affordable and healthy option for their coffee-fix! But don’t forget, for the non-coffee lovers we also have an amazing Lean&Green green tea and coming soon a delicious hot chocolate. Something for everyone in the family!!

Q) If someone was looking to get into home business, why would you and your team at Javita be a great choice for them to work with?

My team at Javita would be a great choice for them to work with as we are supportive of each other in wanting everyone to be successful. There are local events, team calls, webinars – so much available to those who want to take advantage of it. Also, the reputation, integrity and character of the executives of the company are top notch, and it shows in the research and development of our products, compensation plan and tools that are available to us. Because of that, that level of integrity and character runs down through the various levels of distributors. And it doesn’t hurt that we are working

with a healthy and delicious option of what the majority of people are already drinking on a daily basis so it has mass appeal.

Q) If you could go back to when you first started, is there anything you would have done differently?

If I could have done anything differently, I would have gotten out of my own way. That is something I definitely want to help people do if I see them starting off the same way I did. Don’t have analysis paralysis, you don’t have to know everything (that’s what your upline and tools are for) and just start sharing what this wonderful industry has to offer people and have fun! 🙂

I’m so thankful to have met Jane! She is such an amazing, great woman! Make sure to connect with Jane! If you would like more info on her products, visit her website at Jane Sears //Virtual Coffee House

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