Vlogging | The Benefits of a Video Blog

In today’s video blog I share how choosing to video blog can greatly increase your rankings and traffic, and the best tools and training to get started right away!

You don't know what is waiting on the other side of Fear, until you cross it.
You don’t know what is waiting on the other side of Fear, until you cross it.

Stepping out and putting your face and your voice out there in the world can be really intimidating! But the benefits of doing a video blog can really outweigh any hesitation you may be having in the moment. Even if you don’t know how to blog, you can start by doing quick videos and teach what you know, or talk about your passion, put it in a blog, and start getting your brand out there! Some of the best blog sites are video blogging sites.

People love to watch people. The most popular form of television is Reality TV, and Video Blogging, or “Vlogging“, is kind of like “Reality Blogging”! It really engages your visitors, and keeps them coming back if they find you interesting. You can be playful, funny, and really capture people’s attention by relating to their emotions and struggles on a personal basis.

In a recent Eric Worre video, he said:

People remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, 50% of what they see and hear, 70% of what they say, and 90% of what they say and do.

So not only are you making your blog something people are more likely to remember, but you are also benefiting yourself, by speaking and doing what you are teaching!

In this quick video I share how doing a video blog increases traffic, increases your SEO, and places you as an expert in your industry. I also talk about overcoming the fear of speaking, and small ways you can take “baby steps” into video blogging! I mention Tube Traffic Mojo which taught me everything I know about video blogging, you can check that out here.

Again, if you are interested in Tube Traffic Mojo, I really recommend it if you are new to YouTube, and want to learn how to quickly maximize your potential to get traffic, leads and sales from video blogging! Check it out HERE.

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    1. Aw thanks Danielle! I think you should too!! Once you start you’ll realize how easy it is. You are SO awesome at what you do, I think it would be the natural next step for you!! 🙂

  1. Such great advice! I like the idea of vlogging but I am too scared!
    Commenting back from Mommyhood media fb page!
    new follower 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Amber! 🙂 I love your blog too! We have a lot of similar interests! I think you should try it! You never know…..;)

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