Top Earners Success School – Tips I’m Learning to Build Trust and Confidence

In today’s video blog I share some of the Network Marketing tips I’m learning in the Top Earners Success School with Ray Higdon.


So I’m 3 weeks into the class, and I am having a BLAST! The energy in the group is just awesome, and everyone is so excited every week to learn more. Ray is a great mentor and teacher, if you ever get a chance to learn from him I highly recommend it! He delivers everything so straight-forward, and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. I’ve learned so much already, and have to share some of it with you!

One thing that will carry you through Network Marketing is being confident in yourself, your product, and your company. There is nothing that you are doing that is any less worthy than any other occupation out there. If anything, Network Marketing can provide a lifestyle that most other careers can not, and that is something that is a blessing to share with the world.

Some of the products sold by Network Marketing companies are the best products out there! I personally use so many myself, not just from my own company. If you have something wonderful to share with people, be proud of it, and don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Remember, carry yourself with confidence. If you go into a conversation with defeat in your mind, or if your energy is low and you come across weak, people will take advantage of that and you.

Ray is all about teaching confidence, and how to make sure you remain in power in conversations. One of the main things he teaches is how to talk less, and ask more questions to become a problem solver. In this video I share the definition of the “Feel, Felt, Found” technique, and also some of the best responses I’ve ever heard to “Is this a Pyramid Scheme?” Enjoy!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all, LOVE~

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6 thoughts on “Top Earners Success School – Tips I’m Learning to Build Trust and Confidence”

  1. Good article. Helps in shifting to an attitude of… I’m in control. I’ve got the cookie. Not easy to do but over time and the proper practice you will get better and more confident.

  2. As an anxious person (with anxiety disorder) that is one thing I try to remind myself when I’m in public or in an interview or doing something that is against all of my being – portray confidence. Even if I don’t feel it, if I look it and “fake it til I make it” I start to loosen up and can feel more at ease and be successful! It’s a super message!

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