Things I Can’t Live Without to Stay Healthy!

In this weekend’s “Healthy Lifestyle” post I share two of my most favourite things that  I can’t do without!

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I love the days when it’s time to share things I do in my healthy (busy!) lifestyle! Today is about a couple of things I CAN NOT do without. Coconut Oil and Protein Shakes. I know, totally random. But it’s so true. The other day I couldn’t get Coconut Oil at my grocery store, and I was completely out, and may have thrown a small fit. Not publicly. But in the car. Maybe.

I may be slightly addicted to coconut oil and how it’s changed my eating life. I love the flavour, and the smell (makes me feel like I’m somewhere tropical! ) and the benefits of switching to this oil are so amazing. I talk about a few in the video, but one thing I did not know until recently is that it can be used as a sunscreen!! A moisturizer and sunscreen built into one? Yes please!

I also love using coconut oil to grease the pizza pans for homemade pizza. So yummy. Or spread some on a cookie sheet and bake some kale in the oven…..mmmmmmmmmm.

Watch today’s video to find out other reasons why I use coconut oil, and why Protein Shakes save my morning!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE!~

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