#TBT – Lets Talk Paradigms!

In today’s blog I talk about making a Paradigm shift and exactly what that means, and how it can be the one thing that will finally get you results that you want in your life..

What we are programmed to see is only a fraction of what exists.
What we are programmed to see is only a fraction of what exists.

If you’re like I was, and either just getting into mindest, or don’t know about it at all, you may hear the word “Paradigm” and think “Parawhaaaaa?”. I had never heard of it before last year. No one I knew talked about abundance, opening your mind, unblocking the subconscious etc. But I am so glad now that I understand it, and can use it. Life just comes down to mind over mood, and once you are able to practice that, your mood changes because you are consciously thinking positive.  It’s all sunshine and rainbows now! Haha, I wish! 

So what is a Paradigm? Our Paradigm in our mind is the habits in our sub-conscious. The way we have been programmed to think. What is in our sub-consciousis almost always a direct result of the environment around us as we grew up. You adopt the habits and beliefs of those nearest to you, and are practically unable to believe or think any other way.

Everything in our Universe revolves around thoughts and words, and our thoughts manifest into the things and situations in our life. Do you know that your thoughts are actually like a catalogue, telling the Universe what you want? You can pick and choose exactly what you want in life, but if you don’t believe you can, or worse, don’t believe that you deserve to be able to, your circumstances will never change.

We all know that you can’t keep doing things over and over the same way and expect things to change. So how do you make a Paradigm shift? Some people go the route of hiring a Life Coach. But you certainly don’t have to be that extreme. You can do this right from home. The first step you should take is to address the thoughts in your sub-conscious mind. Work on changing your thought belief, and start doing affirmations. Feel free to request your FREE audio on this page (above and to the right), which gives you a step by step guide to ridding your mind of mental blocks within 11 minutes!

Change your habitual thinking into that which is productive to you, not that which destroys you. It is not an easy process to change your Paradigm. It takes commitment and discipline just like anything else, but it could be the one thing that you do that completely changes the path that you are on in life, and the magnitude of all that you are able to receive.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”
― Bob Proctor

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