#TBT – Arnold and His Vision

Today’s blog is about how if you focus on your vision, never give up, and take the action to get there, nothing can stop you.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Motivational Video will blow you away.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote

I’ll admit. I never have really been an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, until recently. Some of his choices have been a little questionable, but who am I to judge. None of us are perfect. His story of where he came from, and how he became a body builder is undeniably one of the strongest examples of bringing a vision to fruition that I have ever heard. This video blows me away, and just packs such power that it gives you that extra push inside to keep going, keep going, never give up. I love how in the video when he wins his first competition, he says “I realized that I wasn’t dreaming”. Use that feeling.  How are YOU going to feel when you realize your dreams are coming true because you never stopped. You focused on your vision and let it pull you. How amazing will that feel?

When he talks about how the military guys all chipped in and helped get him protein, and build him equipment, I honestly started to tear up. The support from your friends and family to help you to achieve what they can’t yet see is one of those things you can’t put words into. It’s pure love that you feel in your soul.

Just a few months ago I heard Ray Higdon tell the story about how in his early competition years, Arnold had really small calves. A huge upper body with small lower legs. He actually would pose in water up to his knees, or in positions so that you would not be able to see his weakness. And then one day he cut off all of the bottoms of his pants so the world would see his legs, and became determined that he was no longer going to have this weakness. Then he focused on the vision of muscular strong calves, and went to work building some of the most beautifully sculpted calves on the planet. Vision. Focus. Determination. Perfect examples of how to implement these traits in our lives!

I hope this video moved you today. I needed to see it. Both for fitness and business, it’s just one of those stories that moves you. Whether you like Arnold or not, you have to give him credit for doing something unthinkable and showing what you can be capable of when you put your mind into it 100%.

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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7 thoughts on “#TBT – Arnold and His Vision”

  1. Great post Angel! Never knew about Arnold’s video. I used to work in a gym as a kid handing out towels and basketballs. I would watch the weightlifters work out. Arnold Schwarzeneggar visited my gymnasium… my father was the Physical Education Director for the facility. My father met Arnold. My father, who was a martial arts expert, was impressed with Arnold. I remember him telling me that you can accomplish anything if you can keep your focus long enough during times of struggle.

  2. This is something I definitely struggle with. I’m naturally a Debbie Downer, so baby steps when it comes to being positive and envisioning things and TRULY believing I can make them happen!

  3. What an inspiring post! I loved this video. You are right, everyone could use a little inspiration today, so totally sharing it. Thank you 🙂

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