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WAHM Feature – Vicki Carr!

Today’s WAHM feature is on my beautiful new friend Vicki Carr! Vicki is in the UK and runs her own Arbonne business.  I was fortunate enough to get to meet Vicki on Twitter! Since then I’ve been able to have a nice chat with her on Skype, and she is just such a wonderful, down to earth, caring woman and mom, I’m so fortunate to have met her!

The beautiful Vicki Carr
The beautiful Vicki Carr

After talking with Vicki, she is the perfect example of someone who just loves to help people. You can tell that her true passion is that she is changing peoples lives, and solving their problems. The fact that she gets to run a successful business doing what she loves, is an awesome result of doing what you are passionate about. Vicki deserves success because her heart is truly in the right place. She isn’t chasing success, it’s finding her because she puts others first.

Vicki and her cute boys :)
Vicki and her cute boys 🙂

Here is some Q&A with Vicki to get to know her better 🙂

Q) What was it that made you decide to start your own home business in Arbonne?

As my youngest child is about to start school, I was looking for a job that would allow me to still do the whole ‘mummy’ duties but I was struggling! My partner has a stressful job with ridiculous working hours so my aim is to take some pressure off him financially so we can all live a better lifestyle together. A friend knew this was the case for me so she came over for a coffee to tell me about a business she had just started using botanically based health and wellbeing products inspired by nature, great discounts available and the business side has fantastic perks and an unlimited earning potential which made my ears prick up instantly! She brought a couple of things for me to try and I was hooked! I saw results within a day….I had to start my own business!

Q) What is your favourite thing about Arbonne as a company?

The thing that stood out to me about arbonne is the whole ‘green’ philosophy. All the products are ph correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, vegan approved, cruelty free,   are formulated without chemical fragrances, dyes, animal products or by-products, mineral oils or parabens which until I did some research, had no idea what these were but was shocked at what I found out!! The clinical results are amazing and these products really do give results! I’ve never used anything quite like it. I also like that they have a 45day money back guarantee. As much as I and a lot of others love these products, they are not for everyone so this is great for everyone! 

Vicki and her adorable family :)
Vicki and her adorable family 🙂

Q) What has been the most empowering moment for you as a work from home mom?

 I love the fact that I can still be here with my kids, have so much fun with my job and children and they will see that work doesn’t always have to be boring and you can be whatever you want to be if you just put your mind to it. Like anyone would, I am enjoying making more money but just as much, I am enjoying helping others look and feel better too! I love the feeling that I have helped someone. My friend has struggled with her skin since she was a teenager, has always been very paranoid about it, would never go out the house without trowel full of thick makeup! She has been using arbonne products for a few months now and has seen a massive change in her skin. She is glowing inside and out! I love to see this! Also another of my clients son is allergic to dust and gets terribly dry cracked skin. He has used endless amounts of creams from the doctors, nothing seemed to work so well but then discovered arbonne, and his skin is now under control. Again, this feeling that I am helping people is amazing. 

Q) You have a beautiful family, do you have any advice for moms struggling to work from home with kids?

This business can be done by anyone at any education level. It can be started alongside an everyday job, part time or full time. Your success is down to you so you must ask yourself,  what you want out of life as the opportunity is here! Anything is possible. Arbonne training and support system is superb. I have met some amazing people through this, who I can turn to if I have any queries or anything. Likewise, I am here for them. I am wanting to help others become successful! 

Q) If you couldn’t go without one product from Arbonne, which one would that be?

Arbonne CC Cream
Arbonne CC Cream

 There really is so many products that I now couldn’t do without but if I could only choose one…it would have to be arbonne cc cream. It just gives a really fresh, healthy glow whenever you need it. Make up that is good for your skin, A great everyday product! 

Q) If there’s one message you could get out there to all moms and dads, what would it be?

 I tend to use a lot of quotes which some people might find ‘cheesy’ but they really do speak volumes…..’you can earn money but when time is spent, it’s gone forever!’ Be who you want to be, life begins at the end of your comfort zone,  take chances and don’t give up on your dreams x

Dream with Arbonne
Dream with Arbonne

As Vicki’s business keeps growing in the UK, I can see her doing amazing things and can’t wait to hear her story unfold! If you are thinking about starting your own Arbonne business, be sure to get in touch with Vicki! Anyone who gets to work with this beautiful lady is blessed!

For more information on the Arbonne Opportunity, make sure to watch the video below and Connect With Vicki at her website visit.myarbonne.co.uk and go over and visit her page on Facebook at Victoria’s Arbonne Health and Wellbeing.  

Thank you so much for giving me the honour of featuring you Vicki, I’m very grateful to have met you and look forward to our online friendship! =)

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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