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Ray Higdon TESS Review – One Year Later

Last year was a huge year for me, and it all started with Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School.  As I continue to share what I did last year that was so beneficial to my business and my momentum, today I’ll be sharing how different my life is thanks to TESS!

Life After TESS is Awesome!
Life After TESS is Awesome!

Last year when I started my blog, I was enrolled in Top Earner Success School with Ray Higdon. I can remember being filled with excitement over committing to such a huge course, and having my mind blown each week by the amazing things I was learning. Nevermind that I was learning directly from RAY HIGDON! When he would say my name, or comment on something I had done, it was so exciting because he was my Mentor, someone in the industry that I looked up to….and now he knew who I was! It was such an exciting time.

A class like Top Earner Success School is unlike any other course I’ve taken. Ray goes in-depth in a “school room” environment and literally teaches you on EVERYTHING you need to know to get on the right foot in your business. It’s not just slapped together teaching in a pretty package, it’s training that shows you how to be smart, confident and postured in your business, and Ray truly doesn’t hold anything back.

Ray takes you step-by-step through the key components you need in your business, and gives you notes and notes worth of closing and recruiting secrets, objection handling tips, blogging tips, lead generating tips, vision training, attraction marketing.  Every aspect of business that has made him the success he is.

I recommend training with Ray Higdon for anyone looking to be the best at what they’re doing. If you’re determined to have success, can commit to applying what you’re taught, and are coachable, you’ll be blown away by the impact that this course has on you.

Ray Higdon makes a point of making his students feel welcome, and he really makes a point of sharing their successes. He truly wants to help others have the success that he has, and to help people live that Abundant life!

Commit to always bettering yourself and growing INVEST in your self and your business! For example I enrolled in TESS again this year! Ray Higdon and his wife Jessica have grown so much over 2014, I can’t pass up the chance to learn even more from him and soak up the knowledge that has created that kind of success!

Check out my video to find out how different my life is so different one year after my training with Ray Higdon in TESS.

Thanks so much for joining me today.  If you’re ready to rock 2015 and have a year even better than mine was, make sure you get in Your Next 90 Days and show the world what you’re made of!

If you got value from today, make sure to share with your team and friends!

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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