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Billionaire Secrets: 5 Actions You Can Implement Now!

Anybody headed towards massive success has dreamt of being a Billionaire, and likely studies Billionaire Secrets.  We’ve all sat around listening to that I want to be a billionaire Song dreaming of what it would be like to take off on a yacht and sail around the world visiting tropical islands without a care in the world.  Well what if it could happen? What if you could create the life of a Billionaire for yourself?

Billionaire Secrets to Success
Billionaire Secrets to Success

A lot of times I talk about creating a Vision and how important that is in your life.  On the path to “bigger” thinking I’ve noticed a shift in how you can go from thinking like a “millionaire” to thinking like a “BILLIONAIRE“.  One of my favourite billionaires to study is Richard Branson, and I love this recent article done on him called “The Lessons I Learnt On An Entrepreneur’s Island“.  (PS part of my vision is to be a regular on Necker Island…but that’s for another time) 🙂

As you take a look into the mind of a Billionaire, you’ll see that they simply think BIGGER and take action on those BIG thoughts.  Nothing is impossible, and they enjoy the challenge of making the impossible possible.  Another great couple of articles on this topic are one done by Forbes; “How to Be a Billionaire“, and one done on Inc. The Secret Weapon of Billionaire CEOs and Other Wildly Successful People.

The Millionaire Road Radio Show With Dr. Doug Firebaugh
The Millionaire Road Radio Show With Dr. Doug Firebaugh

On one of my recent guest appearances on The Millionaire RoadRadio Show with Dr. Doug Firebaugh, our topic was Billionaire Secrets, and Doug shared secrets that were shared with him from one of his own personal “billionaire” friends.  We got into some great discussions, and I highly recommend listening to the podcast below!

When you take a look at these 5 Secrets, you’ll see that they’re not at all that complicated, and things that you can implement :

1) Quit Listening to Those who Don’t Listen to You

2) Become a “CEO”: Cheerleader, Energizer and Orgainzer

3) Find Your Core “Knack”

4) Keep Getting Up

5) See Beyond the Horizon – Look Into The Invisible (If you need help working on creating your vision, check out my past post: Create Your Vision – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

For a more in depth explaination and discussion on the 5 Billionaire Secrets above, make sure to listen to the full podcast!

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