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Getting over Fear and Overcoming Objections

One of the main things that can hold you back in your business is OBJECTIONS. Grab my totally FREE webinar where I share with you all of the tools you need to help you in getting over your fear of rejection so that you can start overcoming objections!

Join me for this FREE Webinar this Tuesday Night!
Join me for this FREE Webinar this Tuesday Night!

One thing that most of us are not prepared for in this industry is REJECTION. It’s not anyone’s fault, who wants to say to someone “Congratulations! You just joined a business that can give you an amazing future!! BUT, at times,  you’re going to feel completely rejected and worthless along the way. You’ll question every relationship you ever had, and wonder if there’s really anyone who supports you.” Doesn’t sound so appealing does it? But I think if we are all being honest, that’s totally the way we have felt! People close to you, your family, your friends, your spouse, can say something to you about what you’re doing that can throw you right off, and have you questioning what you really are doing. It makes you feel like a failure early in your business, and like your dreams were just silly. No one succeeds at this business, don’t you know that??? YEAH RIGHT!

So, what I’m here to say today is don’t listen to the BS! There are things you can say, and ways that you can say it that can keep you in control of every conversation, and have you walking away with pride in what you do. Not only that, but sometimes what you say will actually change the other person’s opinion, or have them question THEMSELVES so that they start to see what you do! Once you get good at overcoming objections, you’ll be able to take a negative response and turn it into a sign-up for your business, or a happy customer! Now doesn’t THAT sound great?!?!

It’s time to take control of YOUR life, and stop living it in the negative words of those around you. Do they have what you want? Then why listen to them? Instead, model yourself after those who DO have what you want, learn how to talk and act like they do, and guess what???? You’ll get what they have!

Join me for a FREE live webinar (REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE) where I’ll be sharing with you EVERYTHING that I know about handling objections. I’ve taken courses with the best leaders out there, and have it all packaged up to share with YOU! GRAB THE REPLAY HERE.

This short video shares why you need to see this webinar! See you there!

If you have any questions, just let me know! Comment below or email me directly at angel@coffeewithangel.com.

To your success! Time to stop feeling rejected and alone and become a sales and recruiting ROCKSTAR! 😎

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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