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WAHM Feature – Amber Draper-Skoog!

Today’s WAHM (Work-at-home-mom) feature is on Amber Draper-Skoog and her NuCerity International business!

Amber and her beautiful family!
Amber and her beautiful family!

Amber is a WAHM with 2 children, and it’s so awesome that her husband Jay does the business with her!! She has a 10 year old boy Ty,  and 8 year old girl, Alira.  She has worked in both health care as a health care aid with both seniors and people with disabilities as well as in education at the post secondary level as a learning strategist with people with disabilities. What she has found is people are amazing!!! Every single one of them!!! Amber has come to love NWM and direct sales as an industry/ business model. She sees it as the only equal opportunity model and the potential to support and empower someone to achieve their highest level of excellence is like no other industry she’s ever worked in. She believes your imagination and determination truly are the only limit here!!

Here is some Q&A with Amber!

Q) What is it about NuCerity that had you start your home business?

When I started with NuCerity I was looking for something as I had just quit my full time job at the college to homeschool my son who was having a lot of troubles at the time. What drew me in with NuCerity was that I didn’t already know dozens of people selling it already, in fact it was the first time I’d heard of it, and the product was not a me too or concoction made in a basement somewhere. It had been a medical product, tested and developed with government grants and the market to which it could be sold to was the largest market possible, anyone with skin as it was not just anti aging, but skin health and rejuvenation and it worked. Although it was nice to partner with a category creator in anti-aging as I knew it was a billion dollar industry and growing. Now all this was highly logical but the clincher was the people. Everyone I came in contact with genuinely wanted to support and help, even if they weren’t on each others teams. It was a true collaboration.

Some picture testimonials for Nucerity!
Some picture testimonials for Nucerity!

Q) Had you been in home business prior to starting your NuCerity business?

Never! And if anyone would have ever said I would end up in the industry I would have laughed. I was so uncomfortable with selling and money transactions that when my husband had his motorcycle shop I had to leave the room when he went over invoices with customers. Just being in the same room made me feel nauseous.

Q) What is the best benefit to you about working from home?

The flexibility!

The results of using Nucerity's Eye Effects 3 on only one eye!
The results of using Nucerity’s Eye Effects 3 on only one eye!

Q) Looking back on how you have come along in your business, and knowing all that you know now, is there anything that you would do differently?

Not take things personal, listen more and talk less. I had a coach once explain it to me this way. If you were a server and offered someone a cup of coffee and they said no it would be ridiculous for you to walk away feeling rejected or as if your coffee wasn’t good enough. It would be equally ridiculous to run around giving everyone high fives and jumping up and down with excitement if they said yes. ITS A CUP OF COFFEE!! Some people will like it, some won’t and it’s got nothing to do with the person offering it or serving it. The same goes with simply asking, if you never ask if a person would like a coffee you’ll never know so it never hurts to ask.

An oven burn on day 1, 3 and 6!
An oven burn on day 1, 3 and 6!

Q) We all have stress working from home with kids, do you have any tips on how to a) manage your work time vs family time and b) how to deal with the stress?

Have clear communication and expectations set out with your family about what you are doing and what you need from them, time, quiet ect. Also have a schedule so you keep the balance and your family knows you will have time for them too. After all isn’t that why many of us start this journey? Don’t loose sight of your why!
Also make sure to take time for you.

Q) Has your family and friends always supported you throughout your journey?

Nope…. In fact many thought I was certifiably nuts!!! Within one month I seemingly recklessly abandoned social norms. I quit a “stable job” with benefits and pension, pulled my son from public education to homeschool and started a career in network marketing. I’m sure they were close to running an intervention. What saved me was likely the fact that my friends and family know me as a person who just does what needs to be done with little to no regard for boundaries imposed by others opinions so the drastic change wasn’t altogether out of character, but they did watch closely and soon they saw that our family was thriving as a result of all the changes.

The effects of Nucerity on  feet!
The effects of Nucerity on feet!

Q) What is your favourite NuCerity product?

I actually have two. Skincerity because it rid me of my lifelong battle with acne and it saves me from my painful sunburns that are an unavoidable reality with my pale skin. I have not peeled since I started with NuCerity! Which is a big deal for me! I also rarely if ever wear foundation which use to be a staple in my daily routine. My second favorite is the rejuvenating barrier. I have albinism so my skin is sensitive to light and chemicals. Rejuvenating barrier is a nutrient rich barrier for my skin all day long and I love how my skin feels with it on! It also keeps icky sunscreen out of my pores. Which is awesome!

Q) What is your favourite Marketing Strategy?

I love people!!! I love meeting them and learning about them and if I can meeting an unmet need they have. So my favorite strategy is one on one and referrals.

Amber's Mom after using Nucerity and the reason she started her Nucerity Business!
Amber’s Mom after using Nucerity and the reason she started her Nucerity Business!

Q) What is it about you and your team that should cause someone to want to join on with you in their own NuCerity Business?

That’s a tough question. There are many amazing teams in NuCerity it’s actually difficult at times to distinguish one from another though as we all work together. What I can offer is a team that believes every person has value and every person has something to offer and contribute. I also know we are a team that will move mountains to work with and support someone willing to work. I get more excited seeing my team achieve their goals than anything else. Seeing people reach their potential is the best! It’s whys I lived for when I worked in education and in health care, and as a mom, it’s my passion and it’s what my entire team works for.

Q) Any words of advice for moms just starting out in Direct Sales and home business?

Remember your why and have fun. Do what you say you will, and be willing to let some sales go. My husband who’s a mechanic used to say there is money in every customer and sometimes it’s in firing a customer. The same is true in what we do. Done customers and distributors aren’t worth it. We are not in the business if reviving the dead and trying to will kill your inner light and drive for what you do. Foster a culture in your teams and customers. Always come from a place of love but don’t be walked on. It’s okay to politely let it go.

I love what Amber stands for, and she just seems like such a great woman! She sounds like she would be a awesome team leader. If you are looking to start your own NuCerity Business, or to shop her AMAZING product line, make sure to visit Amber’s page HERE!

For more info on the NuCerity Opportunity, check out the below video!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~


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