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“Value Marketing” With Online Content Master Steve Krivda!

Building your brand is all about “Value Marketing” and putting out online content that gives your readers and viewers something to look forward to, so that they keep coming back.  This type of marketing can be really hard to master.  You need to be genuine, care about others, and put out information (most of the time for FREE!) that people need….AND be able to deliver in a way that has your target market feeling like they know you and trust you.

Are you looking to provide value? Make sure to watch Steve Krivda and what he does!
Are you looking to provide value? Make sure to watch Steve Krivda and what he does!

I have had the pleasure over the last 8 months to get to know Steve Krivda, and watch him perfect this marketing style.  So much so, that he was recently awarded the #1 spot for Content Producer in our MLSP 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge.  Now it’s always awesome to win an award, but the great thing about this award is that it was voted on by the rest of us in the Challenge.  To be recognized by your peers, who are all on the same path as you, is truly humbling.  If there’s one person that I know that has no fear in showing how humble he is, that’s Steve.

I recently had the honour of sitting down with Steve to chat and find out what he has been implementing into his content production and his approach, that is truly making him stand out.  Steve and I started out our journey together in Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School earlier this year.  In our discussion, we found out that it was the first major coaching course that each of us had ever signed up for. I think I can also speak for Steve when I say, that course changed our lives. Then we both went on to sign up for the 100 Day Business Builder Challenge within MLSP, and Steve’s road to success took off!  CONGRATULATIONS STEVE!! 🙂

Steve and his beautiful family!
Steve and his beautiful family!

Steve truly does have a servant’s heart.  He has a beautiful family (his gorgeous wife and two adorable boys) that he loves and adores to pieces.  He not only provides amazing training, and helps people on their road to success in his own company, but he has also been quickly advancing through MLSP as he helps other Network Marketers end their struggles and finally build their business.  

To watch Steve grow and gain such a confidence in himself and his delivery, not only in producing content, but in talking on stage, and advancing in his company and within MLSP, has been truly heart warming.  We’ve been able to see our friend go on to implement and benefit from all of the techniques we have been taught, and it inspires all of us.  Steve is 100% proof that if you just do what you’re told, and follow the road to success that is already paved out for you…..you will move on into that success as well!

Make sure to grab a coffee and watch my hangout with Steve.  He delivers so many powerful tips that you won’t want to miss out on!

If you want to learn all about Value Marketing and how to produce some killer online content, make sure to plug into Steve.  You can find him at SteveKrivda.com, and also make sure to connect with him on Facebook at Steven Krivda.  Send him a quick message about what takeaway you got from what he shared.  And, go over to Stevekrivda.com and grab his freebies! I’m not going to tell you what they are, you have to go get them 🙂

Curious about what is MLSP and how you can tap into this amazing community? Connect with me at coffeewithangel@outlook.com or watch this quick video.  Or connect with Steve! Just get in our awesome group 🙂

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Until next time friends.

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~


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