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How to Get Over The Past and Use it to Your Advantage

Chances are if you’re living and breathing, there has been something happen in your past that you’re not fond of.  It can be something that has happened to you, or something you’ve done.  As human beings, it’s our nature to get hung up on these things in our past, but when it comes to our future and the kind of success we want to have in our business, it’s essential that we learn how to get over the past.

How To Get Over The Past
How To Get Over The Past

I go through a lot of courses and training.  One of the things that is always the same through all of them, is that when someone in the course experiences that “breakthrough” in their business, it’s because they realized something from the past was paralyzing them up, and they were able to conquer that!

Sometimes our past can be ugly.  Like the really ugly ugly.  You know what I mean? Most of us had something happen to us in our childhood, or were spoken to in a certain way that has absolutely dictated the person that we’ve grown into.  If we haven’t learned how to work through that pain, or those words, or whatever has happened to us, those emotions and feelings tie us up and hold us back from our success and our greater destiny.

I’ve definitely had my share of pain, and I definitely haven’t dealt with it perfectly.  But what I did learn is how to use it for my gain.  I understood that my past was hard….but my future is amazing, and one has NOTHING to do with the other, unless you allow the past to creep into your present!

So How DO you get over the past? This step can be really hard to do.  It takes time, forgiveness, sometimes (a lot of times) tears….getting over the pain can be painful.  BUT, when you are able to do this, and deal with the pain, it no longer has control over you and you now have control over IT.

I wanted to share with you my most recent guest appearance on Doug Firebaugh’s Millionaire Road Radio Show.  I wasn’t really going to share this….because I get kinda DEEP.  I actually said something I wasn’t planning on sharing AT ALL.  BUT, it helped someone.  And if it helped one person during the show, maybe it will help someone that reads this and listens to the audio.

So take the time so listen, and find out how to get over the past, no matter how painful, or how long ago it was.

One of the BEST trainings I have heard on helping you to conquer your past and Excel in your future  is The Power Mind Course done by Ray Higdon.  If you’ve ever heard Ray tell his story, you know that he’s had one of the hardest childhoods AND adult life I’ve heard.  But now he is one of the most postitive, strong, successful people I know with a massive future ahead, and he’s helped a lot of other people get to that point through this course.

Check Out The Power Mind Course Here!

If you got value from today’s audio or this course, make sure to let me know!

If you know someone that needs to hear this message, please share it around =) I appreciate it!

~Be the Best You in All that You Do, Live, Laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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