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How to Really Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom: Don’t Give Up!!!

I talk to a lot of women who are searching to find out how to make money as a Stay at home mom. Women who are just dying to be home with their kids, who can’t stand the idea of putting their kids in a daycare, but who are running in circles, just TRYING to find something that will actually work and put more than just a few dollars into the account each day.

Follow Moms who Have already done it!
Follow Moms who Have already done it!

When I talk to these women, I can completely understand how they feel. Not too long ago I was THERE. From Surveys, to Mystery Shopping, to Transcription, I was trying any way I could to bring a few dollars home, but that’s the thing….it was just a few dollars, for A LOT of time. I always thought there HAS to be something better out there. That’s actually what insipired me to do a recent webinar “5 Ways to Make Money in Your Home Business” you can grab the recording HERE.

Shortly after, I was introduced to the home business indutry. It was my answer. This was IT….but despite how amazing it is, I wasn’t making money right away and I found myself back at work in the evenings. Tired, frustrated, missing my kids.  It sucked!

And then I found a way I could build my home business online, and discovered the value of up-front residual income. While I build my business….I could make MONEY!! I could get home full-time SOONER!!  It was finally what I was looking for.

Now I get to spend my days making money DAILY at HOME with my kids. Plusl, I get to help others build their business, but the best thing is…I get to show other moms and dads how to do the same thing so that they can STAY HOME.

A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do, and if you have to work, there’s nothing you can do about it, nor should you beat yourself up.  I love this article “An openface letter to Mom’s Who Work Outside the Home (From Your Momrades Who Stay Home)” It shows that neither side is wrong. But if you’d like to get out of that situation, there are answers.

Inside today’s video I talk about the struggle we go through wanting to be Stay-at Home / Work-at-Home parents. So many of us are met with resistance from family and friends, that it makes us question if it’s the right thing to do.  If you’re not in a financial position to stay home, making that decision for your children can be scary and feel like you’re doing something wrong.  My mission is to help you to see that you’re not wrong, and it can be ok! If you want to talk more about how I can help you start making money, or how I can help you build your current business, enter your info HERE and I’ll be in touch!

Earn 6 Figures While Promoting Your Biz

Remember, you are AMAZING no matter what you’re doing!! But I want you to know, it’s always OK to follow your heart.  When you make that DECISION to do something, it’s amazing how the Universe goes to work to make it happen!

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to share this with the mom’s who need it, and leave me a comment of inspiration for other moms, to let them know they’re not alone!

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