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Today’s post is all about how you can spend your life miserable because you haven’t yet decided to take the chance to DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

Are you taking the chance to DO WHAT YOU LOVE? Or are you settling?
Are you taking the chance to DO WHAT YOU LOVE? Or are you settling?

By now, a lot of you have likely already seen Jim Carrey’s Commencement video. But it’s one of those videos you need to watch every day. It reminds me daily to DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

I absolutely LOVED the message that he conveys – YOU CAN FAIL AT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT, SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE A CHANCE AT DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Wow. When I think back to the days of 9-5…..even though I was “succeeding”…..I was FAILING. Why? Because I was succeeding at something I DESPISED. I HATED my job! The only thing I liked about it was the pay cheque. The stress…..missing life….working overtime in the summer….having a“BOSS”….not making my own rules…..all of it was horrible.

I don’t generally do a post asking people to join me in my opportunity, and that’s not what this is meant for. This is for people who want to Live Your Dreams! So many people haven’t heard how EASY it is to just ask for what you want….But what I’m doing is asking….. will you take a chance to do what you love?? If you decide to live your dreams, all of the sudden the Universe opens up and your life is yours for the taking!

You know what? My opportunity might not even be for you! BUT….if you are looking to DO WHAT YOU LOVE…. PLEASE let me help you out! That’s what I’m living my life to do. I get to live life to HELP OTHERS! My heart lies close to those who want to be a Stay at Home Mom, and I would love to help you get there, in WHATEVER opportunity it is that you want to do! =)

If you would like help in your HOME BUSINESS just ask! Email me at coffeewithangel@outlook.com or fill in the request form on the right side! I’d love to help you out! Any questions you have, I would LOVE to answer!

Please remember, Like, Comment on, and Share this post!! =) I appreciate you joining me today!!

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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