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Instagram Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to Build Your Account

Instagram Tips and Tricks! The world of Instagram is growing by the minute, and it’s quickly becoming a great place to engage customers, build your following, build your brand power, and increase sales.  If you’re familiar with Instagram, you already know that being current and unique is a huge factor to gaining interest from your followers.  No matter if you’re a seasoned Instagram User, or Brand New to the idea of even trying out Instagram, using the tips inside today’s post AND video will help you to boost engagement, and build your account steadily.

Find out daily activities you can use to build your Instagram Account!
Find out daily activities you can use to build your Instagram Account!

Each Social Media Platform is used in its own way, and like I shared recently in my post “Social Media Predictions for 2015” Instagram is no exception. Appealing mostly to those who enjoy sharing pictures of their life and of course their “Selfies”….Instagram has quickly turned into a wonderful place for businesses to showcase their products, their designs, ideas and promotions. Creating a visually appealing and engaging account can take some work and discipline, but it can really pay off in your business! Want to share the best pic? Check out this awesome post on “10 Tricks to Nail Your Instagram Shots

Like all things, I highly recommend that if you’re going to follow along with the training and tips, make sure to commit to using these strategies daily. If you are going to try using Instagram for your business, try it, and master it. If you do a few things and give up because you didn’t see the results right away, then you’re really just not giving things the time and patience to work for you!

In today’s video I share with you 3 things that you should absolutely make sure you are doing if you have or are going to start an Instagram account. I also share how you can get access to some of the best Instagram Tips, in a Free 25 minute Training on 10 Tips to Boost Your Engagement and Gain followers, from Instagram Expert, April Marie Tucker! Enjoy =)

Make sure to grab the 7 additional Instagram tips for followers and engagement, that I didn’t cover in today’s video RIGHT HERE.

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Here’s some more awesome Instagram tips, “14 Cool Instagram Tips and Tricks” from Beebom.

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