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How to Use Social Media for Business: 2 SURPRISING Facts!

The world of Social Media can confuse anyone! If you find yourself searching for info on How To Use Social Media for Business, you’re certainly not alone.  There are so many different types of “tricks and tips” out there, but trying to keep up with them all can be a fulll-time job, and most people don’t have time for that.  I am constantly doing research on current Social Media Strategies and how to use social media to promote your business, and recently I came across an awesome article that shared some key points that anyone can apply to their social media strategy. (For two other Rockstar Tips, make sure to check out my recent post: 2 of the Best Social Media Posts for Engagement)

2 Surprising Facts to Boost Sales and Exposure!
2 Surprising Facts to Boost Sales and Exposure!

First off, let me admit, trying to make sales on social media can make you want to pull your hair out. Ads, posts, groups, images, tweets, you can spend a lot of time doing a lot of wrong things and get little results. You honestly have to take training in ads in order to have profiting campaigns running. There’s no way around it, unless you “luck out” on some sneaky strategy to get sales.

So I was SUPER surprised, AND excited to find out that the best social site to make sales is Pinterest! People are using Facebook to engage with people, NOT buy. They use Pinterest to search for what they want to buy, credit card in HAND. I found that so interesting, and will definitely be taking my Pinterest strategy a WHOLE lot more seriously now! Stay tuned for tips on what I figure out for a strategy! For more great info on using social media like an expert, check out SocialMediaExaminer’s post “How to Become a Leader In Your Industry Using Social Media“.

Make sure to check out today’s video to find out Tip #2 on how to maximize your Facebook Strategy.  This tip is probably a bit more contraversial, but if it’s working for the top influencers on Facebook….it’s likely worth a try! Another great reference for your business is Forbes’ article “How to Properly Use Social Media To Fit Your Business Strategy

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Thanks for stopping by today, make sure to come back again, and remember to share with those who would enjoy this information! Also, if you have Pinterest tips and tricks, please share them below! 🙂

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