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How To Reach Your Goals in 2015

If you’re like the other millions of “New Year’s Go-Getters” out there, you’ve likely taken a few minutes to consider your goals for 2015.  And if you’re REALLY committed to bringing those goals to fruition, you’ve sat down and put that plan on paper.  Today’s post is going to help you immensely on How to Reach Your Goals.

Isn't It Time to Have Your Dream Year?
Isn’t It Time to Have Your Dream Year?

I always love it when things come together perfectly! In the last post I let you know that this first week of the year would be dedicated to sharing with you 4 KEY things I did and tools I used in 2014 to create success in my business. One of the things I was going to talk about was the impact of being in the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge, and the skills and tools that it gave me in my business to become productive in income-producing activities. (I’ll be going more in-depth on that in the next post!)

That course was created and presented by Adam Chandler and Justice Eagan who are amazing Entrepreneurs and Coaches that put on the best challenges to really have you doing the right things to create success fast. And guess what? This week they just released a FREE Video series called Your Dream Year Challenge that will help you develop the mindset and habits of a skilled Entrepreneur.

Video 1 was just released in this 4 Video Series. Inside Video 1 you’ll learn why these types of challenges are so important in your business, and how they can really change your life. Plus they talk about my favourite topic…what it actually means to Create a Vision!

Not only that, but they are giving away a FREE Worksheet for you to outline your goals…. define when you want to accomplish them, and set an actual plan of tasks to get there.

Download your FREE copy and take a few moments to sit down and answer those questions. I know a lot of successful people, and I’m sure you do too. One thing that NEVER fails is that those people know the power of putting a pen to paper and writing down your goals. I just had a millionaire tell me today, that the year they decided to write down their goals and break their year down into sections, their year was 700% more profitable than the year before. There’s magic in the power of writing it down!

Grab your free videos and worksheets, and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post where I’ll go into more detail of the importance of these types of challenges, and exactly how a challenge just like this changed the way I do business forever. **Plus: Find out inside the video how you can get Exclusive access to the Private Facebook Group and get even MORE free training!

Grab Your Free Video Series While They Are Available!
Grab Your Free Video Series While They Are Available!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure to share this post with your friends and your team! Keep each other accountable!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

~Be the Best You in All That You Do, Live, Laugh, but Most of All LOVE~

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