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WAHM FEATURE! Paulina Jojnowicz and Her AMAZING Linaclean Skin Care!

Today is my first WAHM Feature!!! Are you looking for AMAZING Organic Skincare? Look no further than Paulina Jojnowicz’s Linaclean Skincare!!

Today’s video marks the FIRST of my WAHM Features! If you are a mom who runs an at-home business (full-time or part-time) Send me your info! I’ll be featuring one Mom EVERY SATURDAY starting July 5, and allow you to talk about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS! You can send me a video, or we can do a Google Hangout interview! Then I’ll be promoting the post ALL OVER Social Media! Get exposure to my readers, and online, it’s going to be a blast!

WAHM Feature: Paulina Jojnowicz! Beautiful on the inside and out!!
WAHM Feature: Paulina Jojnowicz! Beautiful on the inside and out!!

Networking on Social Media is amazing because it allows you to meet awesome people. For me, I just LOVE meeting moms working toward their dreams! I was lucky enough to come across Paulina Jojnowicz on Facebook, and she just happened to be in my city! We got to meet and I’m sure we will be great friends, she is an amazing woman. In the short 15 minutes I had with her I learned a TON about products and chemicals, she knows her stuff when it comes to making sure only the best is going into the bodies of those we love!!

Paulina’s Linaclean Skincare is honestly amazing. I’ve spent a lot of money on creams, and this stuff knocks everything out of the ballpark! As I type this, I’m so moisturized and smell AMAZING. If you’re looking for homemade skincare, or are searching the web for homemade skincare recipes, just buy Paulina’s line! A small investment for amazing results. Or if you’re looking for natural remedies for eczema (which I have been for 7 years!!) Linaclean works wonders on eczema!

A little bit about Paulina!

Q: What inspired you to create your own organic products?

A: I started researching and realized that most of my skincare contained harmful chemicals. It really scared me and I wanted to find a healthy alternative to my skincare regime.

Q: What has been the most empowering thing for you when it comes to launching your own products?

A: I love the fact that everything I put on my skin has no harmful side effects. I’m proud to tell my customers that they can feel good about putting my product on their skin without the worry of potential side effects.

Q: Which product is your favourite and why?

A: My fave is my Shea body butter. Its very versatile..from face to body to baby care..it helped many of my customers with eczema..the natural way.

Today’s quick video announces a few MAJOR changes to my blog, and all about how much I LOVE Linaclean Skincare! 🙂

Connect with Paulina at her Facebook Page “Linaclean Skincare“!

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