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How to Choose the Right Home Business Opportunity

If you’re wondering what you should be looking for when you’re trying to figure out How to Choose the Right Business Opportunity, you will want to write down the points in this post!

If You’re Looking for a Home Business Opportunity…..

There are a few KEY things that most people miss when they are considering a New Home Business Opportunity.

First Off….If you’re NEW to the Home Business Industry, one Tool you can’t do without is my friend Tanya’s Home Business Survival Guide. It’s a Business MUST.

Click Here to Download Your Survival Guide! Some people get caught up in the hype of the money, some people are very passionate about the products….a LOT of people act on a whim….thinking that because they like one thing….everything else will work out.

Don’t get me wrong….there are those rare times where the sun and the stars line up and everything falls into place and you find the perfect opportunity and the perfect products and the perfect comp plan FIRST.  And that’s AWESOME.

But…for the other 98% of Home Business owners, or Home Business Rookies….not so much.  There is likely something OFF.  So you can use the Checklist below to make sure that Your New Home Business Opportunity lines up with the Requirements for SUCCESS!

8 Steps to Choosing the RIGHT Home Business Opportunity for YOU!

  1.  Are you Passionate about what you’re doing? (do you jump out of bed every morning EXCITED for your new venture?)
  2. Do You Enjoy the Team Culture? (Is there support, a “family” feel, does your upline TRULY care about your success?)
  3. How is the Training? (can you Duplicate what is being taught?)
  4.  Can you make money right away? ( comp plan, comp plan, comp plan…..is it GOOD)
  5. Is there Residual Ordering (are your Customers coming BACK every month because they NEED your product?)
  6. Is the Product in Demand by Everyone (ie: is your niche TOO targeted?)
  7. Is it Recession Proof? (Remember: Network Marketing THRIVES in a Recession.  Does your Product too???)
  8. Does the Media Promote it? ( Are they talking about your industry NOW?! Do people KNOW it’s important?)

Those are the 8 points you will want to Make SURE you are covering with your new Home Based Business.

If you can answer YES to all of those for your Home Business Opportunity, then you are Golden! You are set up for Success and should be able to Rock your home business.  Just remember to be consistent and take the non-negotiable actions for your business DAILY.

If you are able to answer YES to all of those questions in your business, but for some reason are still struggling, I strongly encourage you to check out this training by Ray Higdon.  It will put your business on a fast track to success, and reset your goals and your actions.  I’ve seen many people turn their business around after taking this 90 day challenge!

8 Rules to a Successful Home Business
8 Things You Must Consider

However, if you’re like 98% of Network marketers, and still have NOT found your perfect “fit” and still aren’t making money….. I encourage you to have a look at what we’re doingClick Here to watch a quick presentation on our team, our products, our company, our vision, and our unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Whatever you choose to do….only YOU will know what’s right! Follow your GUT….not someone else’s vision for YOUR life! Don’t get caught up in HYPE….make well thought out decisions….and once you have that perfect fit….go ALL OUT!!

If you have questions on how to make your home business opportunity “work” make sure to watch this quick video and see if spending 10 days one-on-one with me can help!

Thanks for stopping by today…..GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS!!

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