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Cold Market Prospecting: When to SHUT UP

Cold Market Prospecting…..it’s an area that most people don’t want to go to, and will do anything possible to avoid.  But anyone successful in Home Business knows….Eventually you have to go there.  If you’re making calls, or if you’re planning on being successful (which will involve making calls!) Today’s tip is going to Rock your Business.

Do you sometimes not know when to stop?
Do you sometimes not know when to stop?

Like anything , it takes practice to get used to talking to people you don’t know and getting them on the phone.  I’ve done some training on that, and there is some awesome training out there to help you with your cold market prospecting.  That’s one piece of the puzzle….

But what about when you’ve got them on the phone and they’ve said YES?!?! What do you do then?

Today’s video shares an awesome Cold Market Prospecting tip I got from Doug Firebaugh, and it can work with telephone prospecting, face-to-face prospecting, or online prospecting.  The main point is the same regardless. 

Check out the video below to find out the most important thing you shouldn’t do after someone has said YES!

Want to learn how I became FEARLESS in my Cold Market Prospecting and how you can too? It all started with Enrolling in training with Ray Higdon!

Ray’s Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint is a 3 Hour training that changed my business when it came to approaching the cold market.  He’s made this recorded training available to everyone.  Make sure to grab your copy and listen to it over and over.  This was one of those trainings that people were (and still are!) talking about for a long time.

Thanks so much for joining me today! If you got value from today’s tip, please be sure to comment, and share it around.  I SO appreciate when you guys do that for me! 🙂

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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