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How To Build Your Brand: The Power of Your Message!

There is Power in Your Message when it comes to How to Build Your Brand.  What you say and how people perceive you will ultimately determine your success.  When it comes to building your brand, you can’t hide behind any curtains…. The true you is shown through the power of your message.  So how do you start to deliver your message?

What is Your Message?
What is Your Message?

As you start to build your brand one question you must ask yourself is “what is my message“? This is an easy question to answer for some, and a complex question for others. If I’m honest, this took me a while to figure out. I started out wanting to be the female Ray Higdon (which is still a-ok with me!) so I was trying to appeal to EVERYONE in network marketing. But I realized it was hard to be congruent, trying to appeal to young marketers, older marketers, single marketers, and my crowd – the work from home and stay at home parents. My posts were a little bit all over the place, my offer really didn’t make sense, and I wasn’t really getting a following.

It took some time, and trial and error, but I realized my market was people who wanted to avoid making the most common mistakes in building a successful home business. (ie, the mistakes I made!) I wanted to help people have success SOONER than I did. That was my message! I wanted to help people who were and are struggling like I was. So… people just like me! Which goes back to what I talked about in the last post…”How to Be Unforgettable“.

The best advice I’ve ever had when it came to figuring out WHO I was trying to speak to actually came from Ray Higdon. He told me to sit down and literally draw your ideal customer avatar. What do they do? What do they like? What are their hobbies? What do they have in common with you? What are their struggles? What are their fears? Write it all down and KABLAM!!!...You’ve got your niche market!

So now that you’ve identified WHO you are delivering your message to….HOW do you deliver your message? The best platform to do this on, is Social Media. If you want to Brand yourself, and you don’t like Social Media….You might have a little problem!!

The things you say in your posts and messages to others reveals who you are. In your messages and posts you want to have POWER in what you’re saying. The Power that you’re going somewhere. Power that draws excitement out of people. Power that elevates others.

Your posts and your messages must always be positive and uplifting. You CAN’T (I repeat….CAN’T) waiver back and forth between complaining and being positive. People aren’t going to follow anyone who is negative WHATSOEVER. So if you have some posts out there complaining about the weather, your kids, your spouse, the news, celebrities, etc. Take them down now and start over. You must ALWAYS uphold your Brand in your posts. You are a business, and you need to act like one!

Have you ever been on social media and seen a “Leader” being negative? I have. I’ve seen a lot lately that claim to be “everything” that a leader should be, yet they are CUTTING people down. I don’t get it. Don’t pretend to be one way, and then turn around and BE what you “claim” to despise.  People will see right through you.

So in your posts and in your messages, make sure to use active words and memorable words. Don’t act like some “know-it-all“, but be knowledgeable. If you’re messaging with someone, answer their questions, and treat them like they are a leader also…by asking them questions!

Ask more questions than you answer and keep YOUR answers brief. Allowing someone else to talk more in a conversation really makes people like you. You’re showing that it’s not all about you, you want to know about them, and respect them. You can’t buy that kind of trust.

If you connect with people and build great relationships, make sure to send them some referrals! People who are already successful in their business and brand appreciate nothing more than someone who sends them customers! It really makes you stand out and look like a total professional in your industry.

In your content…whether that’s posts, or content on your blog….BE CONSISTENT. Like my mentor Dr. Doug Firebaugh says….”Consistency and Repetition are the most powerful tools for branding“. If you’re consistent, it shows that you are serious, and people follow people who know where they’re going. Consistenly pour out value that your followers begin to expect from you, and continue to pour it out through your entire career. Once you are comfortable with being consistent, it gets easier, and becomes a habit. You’ll start to deliver content that makes you proud, and you’ll hold yourself to a high standard that is going to stand out from the rest!!

So there you go…..figure out your message, narrow down your niche, and consistenly provide them value and powerful encouragement, and you’ll have a Brand that is UNSTOPPABLE!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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