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Jessica Higdon on Building Teams Locally Online!

If you’re looking for amazing tips on building teams locally using the internet, make sure to sit down and watch my hangout with Jessica Higdon, and then make sure to tap into her free training! If you’re a real go-getter….come along with us into her new course – Social Media Local Prospecting Formula! (Only if you’re serious about building your business) Jessica is seriously practically GIVING this course away, and the results in your business will be amazing! Jessica literally shows you how to turn her training into $1,288.00 per WEEK!

The QUEEN of Social Media ~ the BEAUTIFUL Jessica Higdon!
The QUEEN of Social Media ~ the BEAUTIFUL Jessica Higdon!

I had such a fantastic time getting to chat with Jessica Higdon yesterday! What a great way to go into the last week of “Social Media Month” on my blog, than to have an interview with the “Queen of Social Media“! Jessica is in the middle of her second Social Media Prospecting launch, and is having amazing success with it already.  She teaches you step-by-step how to recruit locally online! You get live webinars with her, Q&A time, over $2,000.00 worth of bonuses from her…. when it comes to value, Jessica over-delivers in her products. (Seriously!!?? Did you read that??? $2,000.00??? AWESOME!!)

Last year Jessica made her debut on the Social Media Prospecting scene by launching 10k Social Media, where she taught us EXACTLY how she built a $10k/month business using those Facebook Strategies alone! So do you think that she might be someone who knows what she’s doing on Social Media? 🙂 Jessica and her team are THRIVING with these new strategies (trust me, I witness it first hand!!) and now they are available to you.  Don’t think about it, just jump in and make 2015 a HUGE year for you! If you are serious, you need to start proving it! No one is going to teach you the skills like Jessica will!

Only the action takers will see amazing success in their online recruiting, and duplication in their downline!


Check out the interview with Jessica Higdon here, and find out how you can start building teams online, using her strategies NOW! Literally.  You get module 1 instantly.  How awesome is that?


Additional Bonuses to you if you purchase NOW:

Instagram For YOUR Biz! Step-by-step online training on how to kill it om Instagram!(retails @ $297.00) FREE!!

Eternal Access to our Elite Daily Coaching Group (value is priceless!) FREE!!


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Thanks so much for reading and watching today, I appreciate it! Now go out and CRUSH IT! =)

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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