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2 of the Best Social Media Posts for Engagement

Social Media is constantly changing, and if you are a business owner, at some point or another you have likely found yourself asking “What are the best social media posts for my business?” We are constantly hearing about “interaction”, and being “engaging”, but sometimes the effort that you can end up putting into your posts just isn’t worth the (lack of) reward! So what are 2 types of posts that you should ABSOLUTELY be doing to ensure you’re at least with the pack? Read on to find out!


2 Things You Need to Be Doing On Social Media
2 Things You Need to Be Doing On Social Media

Every time you turn around there is a new training on Facebook ads, someone posting “can you see my posts” on their Timeline (PS, Please DON’T do that.) or a new webinar going on with the NEWEST strategy since Facebook changed their “Algorithm”. (Does everyone even REALLY know what that word means???) As you’ll see from my past post on Social Media Predictions for 2015, Social Media is ALWAYS Changing.

So to keep it easy for you, here are 2 types of posts that you absolutely want to be doing if you want to maximize your visibility and engagement…..(and if you want a good laugh….Here’s 10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media from thedish.com) 🙂

1) Facebook Native Video: Wait – what does THAT mean? It means that instead of loading up your youtube video on facebook, you actually want to upload the original video direct in the post. Facebook favors original content on their platform, and will give you WAY more exposure. Trust me, it works!

If you are not using Video on Facebook, you’re missing out. Instead of a long post, shoot a quick 30 – 60 second video and upload it. People LOVE video and you’ll see your views go up fast. Share it on your Fan Page and use the “Boost Post” option to maximize your exposure! However, still upload that video to youtube….You want to get as much bang out of that video as possible!

2) Images are STILL key: You want to make as much use of images as possible. I know that most of us are making sure we are doing this, but this is even true on Twitter. Engagement goes WAY up when you use images with your Tweets. Also, in this day and age, there is no reason your images should not be eye-catching. Go to Canva.com or Pixabay.com and create or use the free images there. Take that extra few minutes to put the effort into your posts. **For a Rockstar tip on how to use awesome images on Twitter without spending a lot of time….make sure to watch the video below on the Best Social Media posts!**

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Thank you so much for stopping by today, have fun with your awesome posts! Share this with those who need it, or comment below some of your engagement tricks!

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