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Social Media FAUX PAS! STOP Doing This NOW!

Today’s Social Media Faux Pas post was inspired by my true story of what happened this weekend 🙂  Find out if you are making this HUGE mistake on Social Media, and in turn making yourself look like a spammy amateur!

Are you making this mistake?
Are you making this mistake?

I realized this weekend I have a real PET PEEVE when it comes to doing business on Social Media. And the funny thing is, as I am typing this, ANOTHER person just made this mistake and he is in the SAME business as the person I talk about in the video! Haha! Clearly this company isn’t teaching how to market properly. It’s ok to make mistakes when you don’t know what you’re doing. We can all forgive that. But now I’ve messaged both people about the fact that this is not proper ettiquette, and neither of them care! If you’re looking to attract quality people that will help you build a sustainable business, this type of marketing will NOT work!

You want to be posting information that is engaging, is drawing people to you, and  is making you stand out as someone people want to follow.  If you think your posts might be making some people avoid you, then you really want to take a step back and see how you can change things.  It’s all about attraction marketing! (More on that in tomorrow’s post 🙂 )

So make sure to watch the video blow to make sure that
1) You’re NOT making this Social Media Faux Pas; and
2) That you’re not allowing others to do this to you!

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