State of Mind or State of Life?

Today’s blog talks about how the daily rituals in our life need to include focus on how we talk to ourselves.

Make gratitude your state of mind
Make gratitude your state of mind

How did your day start today? Did you pay attention to your state of mind or the state of your life? Some days it’s just FAR too easy to look at life’s situations and allow that to control the path for the day.

What are your rituals? I’m a work-from-home mom, so my days are pretty scheduled out. I do make an effort to state my affirmations, meditate and to read my devotional, but on days like today….days where I got 4 hours sleep because I once again stayed up too late working….my son is teething and decided to get up an hour early….days like today I don’t wake up with much joy.

I knew I wanted to use an Anthony Robbins video for motivation today. And guess what? I found one. How silly am I that I am allowing my tiredness to control my state of mind for the day!! Where was my excitement? CHANGE MY THOUGHTS AND FOCUS!! This video sure did that for me. I love how he says “If you wanted to be grateful today, what would you be grateful for? If you wanted to be excited today, what can you be excited about?” Oh my gosh!!!! So much!! After this 7 min video I’m grateful and excited! Wow! Total change of the day. Who cares if I look in the mirror and see someone who looks like they haven’t slept this year?? I am grateful and excited!! Today is an amazing day, and I AM BLESSED.

One of my friend’s Facebook posts this morning said “Here in the western world we expect to wake up and be alive everyday. What would today be like if you didn’t have that expectation?” There’s something to be grateful for right there. Go live a wonderful day!

Watch this video and go from bad day to great day in seven minutes 🙂

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~


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9 thoughts on “State of Mind or State of Life?”

  1. Hello Angel… good post… great video by Tony Robbins! Always glad to see a video by Tony. He has an amazing gift of shifting your thinking! Now to develop the physiology to make those shifts myself. See ya!

  2. I am trying so hard to work on my daily rituals. To find time for myself, to reflect on what is going on, and to get my days started off on the right foot.

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