Self Talk & Handling Stress

Whoa!!! What an AMAZING week! This week I had the honour of not once but TWICE being the guest on Doug Firebaugh’s Millionaire Road Radio Show! So awesome .  We covered “Self Talk” and “5 Ways the Wealthy Handle Stress”.  Both were SO powerful, you will love it!

Learn Powerful Strategies to Deal With Stress and Manage Your Self Talk
Learn Powerful Strategies to Deal With Stress and Manage Your Self Talk

Make sure to click here to listen to the recordings.  When you are there, you will want to select Friday November 21, 2014, and then Wednesday November 19, 2014.

In Self Talk we covered many different points on how the things you say to yourself create your reality.  Find out the one thing I make sure to do EVERY day!

In the “5 Ways the Wealthy Handle Stress”, you are going to learn POWERFUL ways that the wealthy deal with and blast through stress.  These are proven ways that you can start using NOW!

Again, to access these recordings, CLICK HERE

To get more of Doug’s knowledge and power inside your business, make sure to check out his amazing MLM Training courses HERE! I’m currently enrolled in one of his courses and am already learning SO much.  He is a master! To check out what Doug has to offer make sure to visit!

Share this with those who need to hear this powerful message! =) Love you guys!

~Be the Best You in All That You Do, Live, Laugh, but Most Of All LOVE~

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2 thoughts on “Self Talk & Handling Stress”

  1. Hi Angel!

    Really enjoyed your article and I do think a habit people tend to develop over this time of year is holiday stress. They have to worry about buying everything they need, family problems, and all while dealing with their own stress too. So I think you placing up this article was really helpful for those who might be suffering towards this area.

    1. Hi Michael! Aw thank you! I agree, as happy as this time is, it can be equally as hard for some people. Appreciate your comment so much! 🙂

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