Ray Higdon: Million Dollar Blog Tips From a Pro

Since my first day of blogging, I have been following blog tips and advice from Ray Higdon.  From the free content he has online, to twitter party questions, to training inside paid courses, I always absorb as much information from Ray Higdon on Blogging as I possibly can.  Why? Because Ray is an absolute PRO at blogging, and like anything in life…. if you want what someone else has….you do what they do.

Ray is Pulling Back The Curtains to Show You How To Make Millions off Of Your Blog!
Ray is Pulling Back The Curtains to Show You How To Make Millions off Of Your Blog!


Ray has recently opened up a powerful Private Blogging Group, open to ANYONE! So did I join?…….Um….YEAH OF COURSE I DID!! For a few bucks a month, you get front row access to everything that Ray does to have such a successful blog.  Videos are posted on a regular basis training on things I’ve honestly never seen before, and personal blog reviews are even done for some lucky members. You get live access to see what someone who is making millions of dollars off their blog is doing step by step….is something like that valuable for your blog and business? Without a doubt.  Nevermind that the community itself is amazing! There are a lot of incredibly smart and successful bloggers inside the group who are happy to share blog tips and tricks they know, from SEO, to social sharing, copywriting, etc.

Do you need to be in Network Marketing to get value from Ray Higdon’s Blogging group? Absolutely NOT.  If you want to make money off your blog, no matter if it’s a hobby or a home business, Ray’s training is a fit for anyone who wants to maximize their blog potential online.  And WHO doesn’t want to make MORE money each day?

You may be thinking “Angel, what makes Ray’s blog so special?” Well,

Ray's Alexa Ratings
Ray’s Alexa Ratings

if you’re a “Facts Jack” (or Jill)”…just from searching the Alexa info on Rayhigdon.com, you can see that his blog is ranked 60,000 in the WORLD and 28,000 in the US.  His site gets over 2600 UNIQUE visitors every DAY, plus most people come back more than once.  AND if you’re into the moolah….I’ll say it again…..Ray is making millions off of his blog!

If you’d like to join us inside this private group, make sure to Reach Out to Ray via his Blog or  send him a message via his Facebook Page @ Ray Higdon and let him know you want in the group! Blog tips like this just aren’t out there for free.  And when it comes to the online content that you can read for free, I can guarantee you it’s nowhere near as up-to-date, in depth and current as what you’ll get inside this group. So we’ll see you there!

Here’s a quick video on just a FEW tips I’ve got from Ray since joining only a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading today! If you have blogging questionss, be sure to comment below and I’ll help you out! If you join the group, make sure to share this post so that others know about it too 🙂

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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