Positive Thinking – The First Steps in changing your mindset

In today’s video blog (at the bottom of this post) I talk about the first things you can do in order to change the way you think, and therefore change your world around you.  Also a quick note, in the  beginning of the video I ask if you would be interested in a future webinar.  Please note this webinar would be absolutely FREE 🙂

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Do you wake up some mornings just dreading the day? Or maybe you are trying to think positive, but for some reason the smallest thing can turn your whole day into a spiral of bad events and unhappiness. Then we can end up taking the way we feel out on the loved ones around us.  You lie in bed at the end of the day wondering what happened, regretting the things you did and said, and promise yourself tomorrow will be different.  Then the same cycle repeats and you start to feel hopeless and depressed.

In this first blog of the series on mindset,  I talk about a few small tweaks in how you think and in your habits which will put you on the road to completely changing your life.

Thinking positive sounds easy enough.  But you find as you put that into practice it is a lot of work.  In the beginning.  Like anything else, you need to persevere and never beat yourself up when you have set backs.  No one is perfect at this, we are all human and stumble.  However, being consistent and being completely aware of your thoughts, and the energy that they put out there will make drastic changes in your life and how you feel!

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I will continue on this topic tomorrow, I have a lot of information to share 🙂 Thank you for having coffee with me, have a beautiful day!

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE!~

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2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking – The First Steps in changing your mindset”

  1. Angie, I’m catching up this morning…having coffee with you from Thursday and Friday’s post next.
    Attitude is everything. In education we called it the self-fulfilling prophesy – if you think you can’ do something then you won’t be able to do it. So as teachers you needed to have the attitude that all children can learn whatever it is they need to learn. I find that I learn and absorb new learning a best when I can connect them to prior learnings. Thanks for the connections today! Look forward to the next post..heading there now.

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