Objections | When You Should Just Walk Away

In this video blog I talk about how you can use someone’s objection as a clue you don’t want to work with them, instead of vice versa.

Objections can give you a bird's eye view into a person's attitude.
Objections can give you a bird’s eye view into a person’s attitude.

When you’re out there prospecting, you’ll be met with tons of different personalities, questions and objections. You are looking for people who are motivated, positive, action takers, and excited. But part of this learning process is how to handle negative people.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, most objections have a root reason that has nothing to do with the actual objection itself. Most times what they are saying is covering up another pain, or the fact is they just don’t see things clearly yet and you have to help them to see how your opportunity can actually be an answer to the pain they are feeling.

However, there will be some objections that you don’t even acknoledge and you take control and simply end the prospecting there by pulling back and deciding you don’t want to work with them. Objections that would fall into that category are when someone tells you they think it’s a pyramid scheme, when they are outright rude to you, or when they tell you it’s a scam. You need to remember that these people are saying things they have heard or read, which they more than likely don’t even understand. Sometimes you can ask them to explain to you why they think that way, and they won’t have an answer because they don’t even really undestand what it is that they have said.

But when it comes down to it, why waste the energy. Do you really want to work with someone on your team that has that initial attitude? No. I know I don’t. This past weekend I was talking with a lady who really wanted to work from home. She was really excited and then when I followed up she gave me 3 (very unbelievable) reasons she couldn’t make this work, to which I would have helped her see how she could…..but she ended it with “and quite frankly I think this is a scam”.  Sometimes when people throw out the scam comment, I just laugh inside thinking “HOW”? I’m not asking you for money….or ANYTHING at all for that matter. I’m OFFERING you something and I’m scamming you? Haha. Oh some people. đŸ™‚

In this quick video I share my response to her objection and why sometimes it’s good to see a certain side to people right from the beginning! If you want more help in Objection Handling, be sure to enter your name and email at the top of the page for my FREE Report with valuable information on Objection Handling.

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One thought on “Objections | When You Should Just Walk Away”

  1. Good post and video, Angel. Those of us who are totally into the network marketing industry can not understand why everyone doesn’t want to get involved. It’s why we take extra time to attempt to convince people that this could be for them. You learn quickly that if you have to waste time convincing people to join you… you’ll have to convince them to do everything along the way. It’s not worth the hassle.

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