Network Marketing – Why I Decided to Become “One of THOSE People”

In today’s video blog I share what changed my mind about Network Marketing and why I am now PROUD to be a Network Marketer!

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There was a time when if you mentioned the words “Network Marketing” to me I would laugh and turn the other direction.  That was also the time when I cared what others thought, and wanted to “fit in”.  Now, I want to STAND OUT and share with the world what a wonderful life Network Marketing can give to you.  It truly is a better way, if you are open to a new way of thinking.

When I first started, I got hit will all the same objections every Network Marketer face.s  Family and friends looking at you like you’ve lost it, people avoiding you, or telling you how “so and so” tried making their MLM work and failed miserably.  I think some of my family felt like I had joined a cult! They look at you like you’ve jumped on the crazy train. Everyone sets you up to fail. But that’s ok! There are SO many people on your team who will share your mindset and your excitement that the negativity will just bounce off you. So I decided to press on, stay unique, and chase after my vision of what a full time Network Marketing career could really provide me, my family, and all those people who’s lives I could change.

Network Marketing isn’t for everyone.  Some people are totally happy with a 9-5 job, 2 weeks of vacation a year, and someone to tell them what to do and how.  And if that’s you, then great! But there are so many people looking for other options, and I think it is so important that you don’t miss out on the Network Marketing opportunity just based on what others might “think” of you.

We are entering the end of the industrial age.  Where do you want to be 20 years from now when your children or grandchildren ask you where you were when everything changed? Do you want to say “I was there, and I hopped on board and that is why we have the life we have now!” or do you want to say “I was there, I saw it all happening, and I missed out.”

I hope if you’re a Network Marketer this video fired you up and that you will follow where your dreams will take you! If you’re not in Network Marketing, or are negative about it, hopefully this shed some light on the fact that there are fantastic people out there who believe in the opportunity, and that Network Marketing is a completely acceptable and respectable career!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~


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