Network Marketing Success Tips: Online vs. Offline

Last night I had the pleasure of being on a panel of Industry Rockstars where we shared our Network Marketing Success Tips on the topic of Online vs. Offline, and how to successfully build an online business.

Are you an Online or an Offline Marketer?
Are you an Online or an Offline Marketer?

Not to state the obvious, but I’m an online marketer through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I like and believe in offline marketing and that face to face relationship…..but the reality of my life is I get a lot more done behind the computer than I can get done if I wait for circumstantial meetings to happen. And really, almost everyone is online now. We know that online marketing works, so if you don’t mind investing in yourself to learn a few tips and tricks, WHY NOT dive into the online world!?

If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, or online marketing, or internet marketing, or… marketing for your Network Marketing business 😉 ……. make sure and watch the below Hangout I was on last night with some awesome Internet Marketers. Learn a bunch of our best tips and tricks to get you ready to become a Rockstar online!

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Thanks for watching, and MAKE SURE TO GET ON THAT WEBINAR! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Network Marketing Success Tips: Online vs. Offline”

  1. I am with you 100%. I failed in three different network marketing companies before I learned how to create content and use social media in a non-pushy, non-salesy way.

    I was telling someone the other day that online attraction marketing is like fishing when the fish just jump into your boat. It is SO Much easier to work with people who initiated the contact with me.

    Great advice, thanks.
    Charles Brown

    1. Thanks Charles! Attraction marketing is so great. Like everything else, you have to be able to be coachable, and actually desire to do this. I see so many people who expect results NOW. But I am having fun meeting the people who have stuck it out and are having success 🙂 Cheers!

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