Network Marketing – How to Help Others See the Opportunity

In today’s video blog I talk about some great responses you can say to help people when you hear “I don’t have any money”.

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One of the biggest problems Network Marketers face is getting others to see how amazing your opportunity is. Unfortunately, most of us, especially in the beginning, just can’t stop TALKING. We think that if we are SO enthusiastic and talk about every amazing part of the business, the products, the compensation plan, EVERYONE will get as excited as we are and join! How could they not right??? Wrong.

First of all, stop thinking that you only have 3 minutes to get out every little detail to someone. That blank stare they are giving you? That’s them not listening. Ever since they heard that you joined a “Network Marketing” company, they have been waiting (dreading) this moment. You need to learn a better approach, and realize that your opportunity is a SOLUTION to peoples PROBLEMS. You need to have people realize that they do have a problem, and lead them to see how your opportunity can help them.

In today’s video I give quite a few responses you can use for when you hear “I don’t have the money”. In a previous blog post I talked about how most of the time that is pure BALONEY (bologna? whichever). People want to get rid of you as FAST as possible, want to make you feel completely powerless, and want to watch you shake in your boots.

These responses will give you the POWER you are looking for to be completely confident in your opportunity, and still manage to show off just how amazing it is!

Did you get some good tips in this video? I hope so. Be proud of what you are doing, and keep on doing it!

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4 thoughts on “Network Marketing – How to Help Others See the Opportunity”

  1. Being involved in both marketing and a business that involves direct sales I basically approach things from a very laissez-faire viewpoint. I find key is targeting who I approach.

  2. Good video Angel. Some good tips as to how to ask the right questions to at least open their minds a bit. Good thing to remember is that you don’t need any one individual. Keep working the numbers and you’ll eventually come upon the right person who is open and ready.

  3. I have definitely been in networking situations where I get a blank stare or even worse the other person’s eyes wondering around the room wanting to talk to someone else. Nice tips on the video.

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