My Sneaky Trick on How to Find FREE Prospects!

Are you wondering how you can find FREE Prospects? Are you trying to find people who might actually want to hear about your opportunity, and have an interest in making money? Watch today’s video to find out exactly how I’ve spent the last week talking to FREE qualified leads who were eager to get my phone call!

If you would like to know exactly what I said in my ad, email me at! Or if you need any help on other ways you can find prospects for your business, make sure to contact me at any time!

Do you have tips to share on how to find prospects for Network Marketing? Share them below!

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One thought on “My Sneaky Trick on How to Find FREE Prospects!”

  1. Nice job Angel… Little guy almost stole the show! I’d like to know your wording for the ad you used… it’s been a long time since I posted an MLM ad in the newspapers… might be fun to see what happens.

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