Money | It’s not going to make itself

In this video post I talk about the number one thing you can do to make more money.

If you have more, you can give more.
If you have more, you can give more.

Money. We all want it (some of us won’t admit that), and we all need it. Through my personal development journey I have really learned a lot about how we view money. Do you need to shift your mindset on money?

Of course I enjoy making and spending money. Until I was introduced to Network Marketing, I had never really viewed myself as someone who would make a lot of money, but I had enough of it. Barely. But I was content with what I had, because I’ve always been told to be grateful for what I have and to not be greedy and want more. I seriously thought wanting to be wealthy was being greedy!

God does not want us to suffer and just barely make it in life! Money can be a blessing in our lives, and in the lives of others. He wants to pour into our life a surge of his increase, if we ask for it, seek it, and expect it. If you expect to always be broke…..guess what you’ll get?

Anyway, I know you’re probably thinking get to the point, how can I make money……I was inspired over the weekend to do a post on the one thing you need to be doing to make money. Watch this quick video to see how you can start making money now.

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