Lead By Example and Others Will Follow

In today’s video blog I talk about how doing the things that others don’t want to do will attract success to you and your team.

Lead by example

Ok, I know, I know, ENOUGH HOCKEY TALK!! I PROMISE, this will be the LAST one…..for a while 🙂 I heard there was a lot of hating on Canada yesterday, how ridiculous! People who aren’t able to celebrate others’ success are blocking so much goodness out of their life. But, yesterday’s game got me thinking about leadership, and how to lead a team that will want to follow your example. Team Canada was a great example of team work, and Sidney Crosby showed how a leader still does the things that he wants others on his team to do. Leaders don’t sit on the sidelines, they participate 100% of the time.

Do you see yourself as a leader who is leading by example, or are you encouraging others to do things that you yourself aren’t currently doing? Have you stepped back and stopped being that enthusiastic go-getter and taken the role of cheerleader?

The best leaders are the ones who step out and do the things that others don’t want to do when others don’t want to do them. Always be thinking about how to stay one step ahead, and success will find you. You will attract the people you want into your life and your team, and put out an energy that others will want to follow!

Being a great leader takes a lot of work and commitment, but in order to reach the success you desire, you MUST be dedicated and keep working hard!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~



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6 thoughts on “Lead By Example and Others Will Follow”

  1. Congrats Canada! Well deserved victory!

    Enjoyed your blog post again today. Smart to do an earlier recording when you know your following day will be filled! The beauty of technology.

    Being a leader is not what leaders really think about when engaged in work that inspires. What happens usually is by chance they turn around and find that they have attracted a like-minded following!

  2. Thanks for the advice/encouragement. You never know how much people are watching you and learning from what you do. It is so important to live by example. My kids especially are always watching me. I want to be a positive example for them.

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