I AM – Two of the Most Powerful Words That Can Change Your Life

In today’s post I talk about how to use the words “I AM” to transform your life and attract everything that you desire.


One of the most important affirmation techniques I have learned in my training is the power of the words “I AM”. You can put these two words before anything you are, or anything you want to be. When you say them, believe with all of your heart that you are these things. Allow yourself to deeply feel the emotion of actually being those things. Repeat these statements daily and you will draw into your life everything you state that you are.

If you want to go one step further (and this might sound a bit weird!!), speak your I AM statement on an exhale, and then say the words I AM afterwards on an inhale. So you could say “I AM Successful” (as you exhale), “I AM” (as you inhale). This is supposed to actually draw in the energy from the words you are speaking.

I AM affirmations are my most favourite. I find that any time I’m feeling defeated, upset, tired, or like giving up, I can take a few minutes to just stop and repeat a few I AM statements to get my brain thinking to the contrary of how I’m feeling.

Doing these things might seem weird at first, and you might be shy. I was too. Now, my family is so used to me being this way, that I can say my affirmations around the house, and they all just kind of roll their eyes 🙂 . But you know what? It’s working! So I highly suggest adding I AM statements to your life, fully believe them, fully trust that you deserve to be the person YOU ARE, and transform your world!

This (poor quality!) video below was part of a contest I was in for my TESS course. It’s an example of a few things I AM, and who I want to be. I would love to do a post of a compilation of I AM videos, if anyone wants to record one and be part of that movement, please email me at coffeewithangel@outlook.com!

I hope you got value from this and enjoy I AM affirmations as much as I do! To your abundance!

Thank you for joining me, please like, comment and share below!

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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10 thoughts on “I AM – Two of the Most Powerful Words That Can Change Your Life”

  1. Always good stuff Angel. I sometimes have a challenge with repeating “I AM” affirmations. I kind of think that my brain knows that some of these things I’m saying are not true. I recently learned about Noah St. John. He created what he calls Afformations. So… instead of saying “I AM” say “WHY AM I”. The brain is like a search engine… always working to give you answers to your questions. When you “WHY Am I so fit and trim?” your brain goes to work looking for answers that support your question. Just my two cents. I enjoy your articles.

  2. HI,

    I really enjoyed and appreciate your post and video. I hop it’s not too late for the contest.

    thanks again,

    Phyllis I AM

  3. Hi, can I say I am his lover(when I am not, but want to be) or I am Mrs bla bla bla when I am not yet married to him. I want to be his wife, but want him to propose me for marriage.

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