How to Recruit: 3 Simple Ways to Find NEW Prospects!

One of the biggest struggles for anyone in Home Business is learning How to Recruit! Most of us (especially in the beginning) are either NOT prospecting, or doing it all WRONG. If you see yourself in either of those categories…’re NOT alone!

How to Prospect with Spammy Tammy
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Recently I held a webinar with my friend Bonnie Cribbs on 3 Simple Ways to Find New Prospects.  It was a great training, and Bonnie shared fantastic examples of ways to prospect that are comfortable, and will have you actually looking forward to prospecting, and NEVER feeling like you just can’t find the right people ever again!

Here are Bonnie’s 3 Simple Ways to get New Prospects:

1. Get around the kind of people you want to recruit and start more conversations. The key to building a sustainable business is relationships, and the key to relationships is starting more conversations.  Genuine conversations can lead to fantastic business relationships, whether it’s direct recruits or referrals, or just simply networking!

2. Ask for referrals – let people know specifically WHO you are looking for.  Once those relationships are established, don’t be afriad to ask for referrals.  Help others out as well by giving them referrals, and they will return the favour!

3. Attract people by helping them first.  Reach out to people soley to see how you can help them with what THEY need, not what YOU need.

The good news is, there are always more ways to learn, and people to learn from! Bonnie Cribbs has put together some videos and training that show you some fantastic simple ways to prospect…the RIGHT Way!

How to Recruit with Bonnie Cribbs!
How to Recruit with Bonnie Cribbs!

His brand new program is called “Your Next 31 Days” If you’re looking to become a Rockstar in Your Business, make sure to grab Bonnie’s FREE Training series on “Creating A Daily Routine That Leads To More Reps, A Bigger Team & Success In Your Home Based Business

If you’re looking for the first steps, or the next steps to take in your business, Bonnie’s training is like hiring a personal coach to call you up each day and tell you exactly what to do!

Now….below is a funny video I made and posted on Facebook last week promoting my webinar with Bonnie.  It’s received a really good reaction with people getting A LOT of laughs from it….thought you might enjoy it too, and if you don’t realize, Tammy probably needs to invest in some training herself ;)This training by Tammy is more what NOT to do when learning how to recruit!

Please share this training with your friends and team!

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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