How to Build Your Brand Step 5: Provide Value

What is the one thing that you must do when deciding on how to build your brand? Find ways to provide value.  Providing value is the key to getting people to notice you and getting them to stay with you. So what is of value to your audience and how do you go about giving it to them?

You Have a Lot of Value to Provide
You Have a Lot of Value to Provide

There’s nothing worse than that guy (or girl) that is out there promoting themself, talking about how awesome they are, and why YOU should be following them.  I don’t know about you, but that “pushy marketing” style just doesn’t jive with me.  And I really don’t think that it does with most people.  The problem is, there are a lot of people out there branding themselves because they just love to talk about how awesome they are.  So you have the advantage of standing out, by providing your audience with what they are looking for – VALUE!

My Mentor, Dr. Doug Firebaugh, has said that there are two types of people; Those with a Value Focus, and those with a Volume Focus.  A Value Focus is what can you do FOR someone else, and a volume focus is what can someone else do FOR you.  If you focus on Value, the Volume alwasy shows up.  If you’re focused on the volume…you’re going to work really hard, with little results.

If you have identified your niche market and your unique message, you can provide information to that market that they are looking for.  Always make it about THEM.  How you can help them, what service you can be of to them, how you can help them reach THEIR goals and dreams.  If you constantly pour out that kind of value to your audience, they will love you for it!  (You know how you feel when someone looks at you and says “you look so tired!!!!” vs someone who comes up to you and says “oh my gosh, you look fabulous! How ARE you?”  Be that second person ALL the time to people 🙂 Pour out the love)

Make the message, the information, and the content you put out give your audience hope of endless posibilities, show them how they can fulfill their dreams.   Make it so that every time that they hear from you they are left feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling that uplifts them throughout the rest of their day.  LOVE people, and genuinely WANT to help them.

If you have success stories of your clients, customers or team members, make sure you’re sharing THEIR success instead of yours. Talk about how they overcame some adversity or climbed to the top of that mountain.  People love stories, but you need to be telling someone else’s story, not your own.

If you really want to stand out as a brand…..Find a few people in your niche market, and edify THEM.  Share their content on social media, tell others how awesome they are, share their blog posts and have no  reason to do so, other than that you want to provide others with THEIR value.

That one step will really make you stand out, and gain you respect in your industry.  People LOVE being edified and your doing so will make them really like you.  You’ll find yourself building an amazing network within your brand, and those relationships almost always turn into referrals for you and for them.  So remember to promote people all the time.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Please remember to comment and share if you go some value today! Love you all!

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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