How To Build Your Brand: Finding Your Identity

One major step in how to build your brand is to decide on your identity.  What and Who do you want to be remembered as? What is your specialty and how do you make it so that when people think of that topic, they think of YOU?

WHO Are You Going to Be?
WHO Are You Going to Be?

In order to figure out exactly what your identity is going to be in your brand, you need to decide what your area of expertise is.  What is the one main focus…the CORE of your brand? Are you focusing on providing a product or a service? How, specifically, are you going to help people? Are you a skincare specialist….A travel expert….A Supplement Consultant….Do you help people increase their online strategies….. or coach people in their business? Are you a Blogging Beast..A Facebook Queen or King…..A Social Media Maven………….A Webinar Expert? When people talk about you….what do you want them to say about you? Who are you really? What do you do that people would have to say “Oh, you NEED to go see THIS person for that!” Take some time to think about that, write it all down, and decide where your main focus is going to be.

When you’ve decided what it is that is your identity, you need to BELIEVE that you are an expert in it.  Truly.  Even if you don’t feel like an expert yet….remember that the person you are talking to perceives you as the expert.  I remember when I had my first job in a clothing store.  I wore a name tag that said “Denim Expert”.  The only thing I knew about denim that others (maybe) didn’t, was that denim shrinks in length about a half of an inch, and how to mark a hem adjustment properly.  That’s it.  But everyone that came in that store thought I was an “Expert” and so did I!! I didn’t approach anyone with hesitancy, and neither should you.

The other thing to make sure of, (like we covered in a past post “Provide Value”), is that when people deal with you or hear from you, or read your posts….you leave them with the feeling that you have given them extreme Value.

When people come in contact with you face to face, or on video, or in your posts, you want them to be excited with possibility and Hope!! You want them to feel encouraged and uplifted.  Keep that consistent in all that you do!

Some people are trying some “blunt” marketing out there.  Telling it like it is I guess, and being what I would perceive as a bit rude.  The people I see being drawn to those people are pretty negative themselves.  If that’s your route, that’s cool, but marketing is SO about emotion.  So remember to pour out that value that delivers the feel-good feelings.

In Dr. Doug Firebaugh’s training on Branding he said 2 very powerful things that I will leave you with in this post.  “The more interested you are in a person, the more interesting you are to them”.  Do you hear how simple that is? Truly that’s the secret to building a massive brand and one that LASTS.  Think about that one and REMEMBER it! (or if you’re like me, write it down and tape it to something)

The second thing he said is that “BRAND” stands for “Being Remembered and Apreciated for New Directions.” Go out there and pave some new roads with your Brand baby!!! Don’t be afraid to stand out, and do something that empowers others and builds people up.  Change lives, and your life too will change!!

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This ends my series in Branding! I hope the last Seven days have been of value to you. If you missed any days, be sure to go back and catch up! If you found this series valuable, please tell your friends and share it around! I’d appreciate that kind of love so much! 🙂

Thank you! Be blessed.

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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