How to Build Your Brand: Caring About What Others Think

As we continue on today in the series on How To Build Your Brand, we’re going to talk about how important it is to be caring about what others think. Usually you see me doing a video or a post on why NOT to care about what others think….but when it comes to building your brand, this is one thing that could make or break you.

Be Mindful of What Others Are Saying About Your Brand
Be Mindful of What Others Are Saying About Your Brand

In past posts on this topic, we’ve gone over why it’s important to Be Unique, have a Powerful Message, and to really Stand Out and Be Unforgettable. All those things would sound like reasons to NOT give a rat’s hiney about what other people are saying about you. But it’s quite the opposite. What others think about you and your brand is the most important step to consider in branding.

You want to be known as someone who cares about others, and someone who is listening to the needs and opinions of their audience. Even on Social Media, usually you’re taught to not spend any time wasted on the news feed, or reading non-business related material, but being active in other people’s lives will make you memorable, and will show that you care about PEOPLE not just your business and yourself.

Spend some time answering people’s questions, or commenting on special occasions that are happening in their life! Offer words of encouragement where you see it needed. Most people DO NOT have someone in their life filling them with positive words and affirmations each and every day. BE THAT PERSON TO PEOPLE AND THEY WILL LOVE YOU. Think about it….how many people do you have each day meeting you with adversity or negativity over the choices you make and the things you do?  I have a friend Terry, who every day sends out like 15 messages telling people how awesome and amazing they are. I know he does this, because I’ve received 2 messages from him in the last few months. And let me tell you….it feels GOOD! And get this….. his coaching business and his network marketing business are flourising. Conincidence? Nope. He fills people up and they want more of him!

This is another thing that may sound like a time waster, but spend some time in some popular forums! Answer people’s questions (without any link sharing or self promotion!) and become the leader in the group. People will start to seek you more for your knowledge. My friend Tanya had a great idea too, she says she sometimes answers people’s questions with a video or a blog post! How much would you stand out if you did that right?

As my mentor Dr. Doug Firebaugh puts it best….”Grow a Person’s Self Image.” Grow a person’s self image….do you feel the power in that statement? How awesome would it be to just spend your time doing that?? Leave your narcissistic tendancies behind, and just focus on helping others. My friend Steve told me that when he finally “Got” that….that it’s truly about service, that his business EXPLODED. And it did. I’m on the same team as him, and his team is ON FIRE. He is a true Servant Leader, and you NEED to build that quality into your brand!

Always be aware that your Brand is YOUR Reputation. How you treat others, and how you behave yourself will directly reflect on your brand. There is no amount of Marketing or Ads that can replace what people think of you, AND what they’ll tell others about you. So make sure that part of your Branding efforts are spent on building up others and you’ll have customers for life!!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today I’m so grateful for you! I believe in you and your brand, you can do this, it’s easy when done right!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all love~

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