How to Build Your Brand: 3 Easy Steps to Be Unique

When you start to think about how to build your brand you’re essentially trying to figure out a way to be unique.  A way to stand out.  A way to offer something that others aren’t offering, but also identifying that there is a need for it.  So where do you start?

In Branding, the More Unique You Are, The Better!
In Branding, the More Unique You Are, The Better!

Being OK with being unique really goes against how a lot of us were programmed growing up. Most of us were taught to go along with the crowd, don’t make any waves, (heaven forbid!) keep quiet, and follow along so that life is Easy. (???) I don’t know about you, but living life like that certainly isn’t easy, and it isn’t the way it’s meant to be. We were all born with individual identities, characteristics, internal messages, desires, dreams, a voice, etc. Building your brand gives you the ability to embrace that inside you, celebrate it, and share it with the world!

So what does it mean to be Unique? Dr. Doug Firebaugh laid out 3 main points;

1) Do what others don’t do and what they won’t do. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the pack. It will feel scary at first, but zigging when others are zagging always pays off. People are always curious about the person who is doing things a bit differently. They may not let you know it, but they’re watching you. SO many “experts” have visited my blog off Facebook and then messaged me to tell me I need to make it all white and less cluttered like the “other” blogs out there. Pssssshhhh…My blog is me. It’s different from the norm. And I like it 🙂

2) Say and Brand something that you haven’t seen out there. This comes back to first identifying your niche market like in yesterday’s post on The Power of Your Message. Once you’ve done that, you can look around your niche market to see what’s missing. What isn’t being shared out there? If you were your prospect, customer, client, what need would you have that isn’t being answered out there? What questions aren’t being answered, what information is being held back? Where can you see that you can help people?

3) How are you different? When you really think about it, what do you stand for? What is your personality and the way you communicate? Being true to yourself is going to stand out like crazy. There’s nothing worse than someone faking who they are. You have to be congruent across all your marketing. So you can’t be “Holly the Helper” on Facebook, and then be “Paula the Partier” on Twitter. Who you are is who you are. Tap into that. For me, I realized that I could be who I am. I’m laid back but I get things done. I’m Easy Going, but I’m Determined as all get out. I’m Loving, but I Never give up and won’t back down. I’ve been able to put that into my marketing, and I can honestly say it’s helped me to stand out. Doors have opened to areas that wouldn’t be available if I had been pretending to be “Miss perfect, organized, my life is wonderful and easy Angel”. Do you see what I mean? Being you is TOTALLY OK!

So when you’ve decided all of the above and have figured out who you are, pick colours and images that work with that AND your product.  So for example… I’m in travel, I have the airplane in my header.  My social media cover pictures are of me at the beach.  My colours are blue, orange, sand, etc.  Those colours fit me and my personality.

If you sell something, write down why you love your product so much.  Feel those emotions and put that into your message.  Make your Brand ABOUT those things.

So when people see those colours, images, messages, and think about your product……fitness…travel….makeup….skincare….whatever it is that you market….they will think of YOU! It works.  It’s a lot of work, but it works.  Branding youself is something you will NEVER regret.

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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