How to Build Your Brand: Be Unforgettable

Today is Part 2 of my 7 part series on How to Build Your Brand! Yesterday in the post about “5 Reasons You Need to Brand“, we talked about the fact that you have to be Memorable.  So today, we’re going to cover exactly how to do that, so that you will be unforgettable!

How can YOU be Unforgettable?
How can YOU be Unforgettable?

Take a minute for a second and think of all of the people, companies, icons, etc. that are unforgettable. What is the common denominator among them all?…They all have either solicited some sort of emotion inside you, or have built a slogan or image that you can’t forget because they stand out. That isn’t by accident, it’s all in the power of their Brand.

Why should you want to brand yourself as YOU rather than as your company? There are many reasons. Future reasons, life changes, etc., but the main reason is that it increases your income, increases your potential and increases your power within your industry. For more reasons why you should want to Brand, make sure to check out yesterday’s post “5 Reasons to Brand YOU“.

So, you’ve decided to brand yourself. Now what? HOW to you come up with something that’s Unforgettable? Overthinking that one part will stall you and keep you in procrastination mode. The main idea is to start with who you are now. What do you love? What is your passion, your statement, etc.??? Write that down and run with that NOW. Chances are your brand will evolve many, many times! I’ve been building my brand for over a year and still feel like I’m just in the beginning because I can forsee how my Brand is going to change and build over the years as I GROW. What you decide to do NOW will likely not stick forever, and that is OK!! As YOU grow, your following will grow and follow you along your journey. It’s part of your Brand!

So then how do you BE Unforgettable? My Mentor, Dr. Doug Firebaugh says that there 3 ways you can be memorable to your prospect, client or customer;

1) Visually in their Mind
2) Emotionally in their Heart
3) Experiencally in their Soul

The main question you want to ask yourself when your identifying your brand is: “Are you Expanding and Improving People’s Lives?” So many people are trying to Brand themselves, (which is awesome!), but unfortunately very few are standing out, because they are not improving other’s lives, they are either following what someone else is doing, or they’re making it all about THEM. People don’t want to hear you talk about yourself all the time.

Another thing that Dr. Doug says that really resonates with me was “If you can not move people on the inside, you will NEVER move them on the outside.” Wait. Move them on the outside? What the heck does that mean??? Do you get the power in that statement?

You want them to GO with you! You want to DRAW them to you! You want to become MAGNETIC. Be someone who moves them SO much on the outside that they are just magenetically attracted to you! One trick I was taught was, when you find yourself in a room full of other people. UP YOUR ENERGY inside. Have you ever done that? Just mentally start thinking about emitting a higher energy in the room….And watch what happens! People will be DRAWN to you. It’s crazy how it just happens, but it does. People also get happier. Energy. Key to your brand!!

So what are your first steps?

1) Identify who YOU are and be YOU. Don’t be a fake, don’t pretend. Be you and you will draw people to you who are like you.

For instance, I LOVE Quicksilver and Roxy clothing. I love the skateboarding, surfing, beach, laid back culture. Do you know HOW many friends I’ve drawn into my life that just happen to LOVE the same things? Brands work!!
2) Figure out your mission and come up with a slogan! Mine for my home business training is “Committed to Helping you Have Success Success Sooner“, for my marketing and branding business, Rockstar Biz Solutions, it’s “Helping YOU and Your Business become a Rockstar Online“. Simple, but something that lets people know right away what I’m about. BUT, it’s about THEM!!
3) Get out, and get noticed! Also, start using your social media more (and make sure each profile is customized to that platform so that people know what your brand is) Don’t put something that doesn’t make sense to your brand. Take some time to sit down and fix your social media. If you’re not congruent, people will get confused with who you are and move on. (If you REALLY want to get started FAST CLICK HERE)
4) Be CURRENT. Have Confidence and SWAG in your Brand! Figure out that “thing” about YOU that people LOOOOOVE and market THAT in your business. Let go of your inhabitions and embrace how awesome YOU truly are!!

The main thing, is don’t overthink it. Be comfortable, BE YOU. Be who YOU would be drawn to. You can’t appeal to Everyone, and that’s ok! Believe in abundance and that there is the right person out there for each person needing help. You’re looking for who is looking for YOU.

Find your Niche and if you focus on marketing to them, you’ll make MILLIONS!!! That’s an absolute Guarantee 🙂

If you need any help with your online marketing and branding, or want to toss some ideas off me, email me at! I’m here to help YOU have success sooner! (See what I did there? 😉 )

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I really liked how you broke it down on why you want to brand yourself. People are always branding their company’s and not themselves. Great blog post on building your brand.

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